Hop on the Caboose

By Mir
November 9, 2010

My kids are about a year and a half apart, and after much research, when my son was born we invested in a Sit-n-Stand stroller rather than a double—it allowed my daughter to hitch a ride without threatening her “big girl” status, and was so much smaller and more maneuverable than a double stroller.

Of course, back then, there was only one stroller like that on the market. And it wasn’t great, but we dealt with it.

Now there’s the Joovy Caboose, which is the luxury-stroller version of this classic, highly-rated, and currently just $100 shipped (only for the orange one—other colors are more) at Amazon. The seller on this deal is not Amazon (it’s still $150 via Amazon), but it’s a 5-star rated seller so I wouldn’t worry about that.

It’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen this one, and I’m only a little bit bitter it wasn’t around when my kids were babies. Just a little.

(Edited to add: Psssst! This also counts as an eligible Baby Store purchase to extend your Amazon Mom Prime trial by a month. Just sayin’.)


  1. The green is also on sale (it wasn’t earlier). Trying to decide if my toddler twins will both fit on the back after the new baby arrives….

  2. Green is on sale too!I think my kids are getting too big for this (6 1/2 and almost 3), but we did look at these before my son was born and they are awesome! Just usually not this cheap!

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