Toys for your smartypants, for half off

By Mir
November 10, 2010

I’ve been lured in to Groupon yet again (hey, I can quit any time I want to… I just… uhhh… don’t want to), but this time, it’s not even for me. It’s for the children, you know, so it’s totally justifiable.

Stop looking at me like that.

Instead, go check out today’s awesome sidebar San Francisco Groupon (look in the righthand sidebar—it’s the fourth one down), which is $35 for $70 worth of goodies from Marbles: The Brain Store. How are you going to argue with half-off brainiac toys? You’re not. I mean, unless you hate kittens and rainbows, or something.


  1. Groupon shoppers have killed their website.

  2. Looks like it’s a deal for a day spa – do you know the right city to look at?

  3. I can find the link to the deal, but it’s impossible right now to go to the Marbles website to see what they might have that I’d be interested in. Well, I’ll just have to hope that it comes up again before the deal is gone–don’t want to commit unless I know what I’d buy.

  4. The groupon traffic overwhelmed us for a bit but we are back up and running. Sorry about that. -Scott, Director of Product Development, Marbles: The Brain Store

  5. Thanks Scott!

    Oh and thanks Mir!

  6. Can people from other areas of the country use these coupons online? I’m never quite sure why they go by cities. Thanks/

  7. They’re done by city because originally everything was regional. Now there’s plenty of online stuff, and your city doesn’t matter—you can absolutely use this from wherever you live!

  8. Thanks!

  9. “Braniac” toys? Are those toys that make sure your kids eat more bran? 😉

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