I predict… you will get a yummy deal

By Mir
November 15, 2010
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There was an earlier Groupon deal where I scooped up a couple of certificates to Fortune Cookie Soap, specifically thinking of teacher gifts. (One of the joys of having a middle schooler: She has a dozen teachers, but still wants to give them all holiday presents. Awwww for the thought, owwww for my wallet!) I’ve already placed one order and am very pleased, but then I started looking over today’s Groupon deals.

And wouldn’t you know it, but today’s sidebar Philadelphia Groupon is $15 for $35 worth of Fancy Fortune Cookies. So now I’m thinking… how cool would it be to give the soap with some edible cookies, as well? Especially cookies like these, which come in all kinds of flavors and can be done with custom fortunes.

Let’s see, now… “You will be giving my kid all As!” That may be too obvious. Hmmm. How about, “You are getting very sleepy, and forgetting to assign homework,” instead? I may have to work on this one.


  1. “C is for “cookie” – not grades!”

    Yeah, it’s dumb. I KNOW.

  2. Im new to Groupon, anyone who can help me with this PLEASE do!! 🙂

    I like this groupon for the teachers Christmas presents. Now, this is like a 35$ gift cert right? We just pay $15 for it. Now if our order doesn’t come to the 35$ total but pay shipping gets up to it. We can use our groupon for shipping as well? or is that a separate thing all together?

    Thanks in advance, and Thank you for doing what you do with your site!!

  3. Nicole: You should read the terms of each Groupon offer to see; sometimes it can be applied to shipping, sometimes it can’t. It looks to me like this particular one cannot be used towards shipping.

    I hope that helps!

  4. How about “This is the cookie and not the soap. Eat this one!” 😉

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