Holy Web Busters, Batman!

By Mir
November 17, 2010

Much like Kohls, we all know that Macy’s is busy having a “One Day Sale” approximately every other day. However, I encourage you to check out their Web Busters today, particularly in the kids’ section—they’ve got winter coats for just $15 each. That means you can get premium Macy’s outwear for less than it would cost you at That Big Box Store That Shall Not Be Named.

And if this is what they’re doing on a random Wednesday, well, I cannot wait to see what they’re bringing out for Black Friday.


  1. Dang, you’re pretty today.

  2. I saw those sales and they are great, but the shipping is ridiculous – 9.95. Any codes for shipping?

  3. No codes that I can find for shipping right now, Michele. What were you buying? I bought one coat and shipping was $5. To me, $21 for a $75 coat was still plenty bargain enough.

  4. I got 3 coats and two pairs of jeggings ($10 each!) with shipping of 9.95. Not bad. Even though it’s against my religion to pay for shipping.

  5. Kate, you know it’s against my religion, too. I guess, for me, there’s two things to consider here:
    1) Is the price per item still a great deal? (In my case, and it sounds like yours, yes.)
    2) If I need to do a return, can I do it locally? (Thereby not risking further shipping charges. And in this case: yes.)

    Free shipping would be better, sure, but at these prices it is a little hard to complain.

  6. Kate, where did you find the $10 jeggings?

  7. Yay! Thanks, Mir! Just checked another gift off of our Christmas Mother list! (Like angel tree but we adopt an entire family and provide food, clothes, and gifts). I love that I can give a little girl whose father recently abandone their family an expensive coat for Christmas! Keep those great deals coming!

  8. Just ordered coats for my sisters three kids and the total was just under $58. Less than the cost of one coat! Great deal!!

  9. I ventured into the store last night with my husband… first time stepping into a macys in a VERY long time and walked out with 7 full 2/3 pc outfits for my kids (and a few xmas gifts) for $39 (Had a $10 off coupon in our local newspaper)! This included brands like Nike & Puma & Carters & Macy’s kids brand. I love Macys just for their clearance alone!

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