Here, have $5

By Mir
November 18, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

My name is Mir, and I’m… an Amazonaholic. It’s been… three days since my last purchase. *twitch*

Ahem. If you share my affliction, take a gander over at Mamapedia Deals, today—you can get $10 to spend at Amazon for just $5. If you shop there half as often as I do, that’s like finding a five dollar bill in the laundry and “forgetting” to mention it to the potential owner.

Limit one per household, and sure, it’s only $5, but are you going to turn down what is essentially free money? And—bonus—you can also choose which school you’d like to receive 5% of your purchase money, too.

(Warning: Site is very slow and overwhelmed right now. Be patient.)


  1. It’s already sold out of this deal. Boo!

  2. All I see is a Nick Jr deal. 🙁

  3. Yes, I see a Nick Jr. Deal.

  4. Whoa, that was FAST.

  5. I *never* mention cash I’ve found in the laundry. I call it the Laundry Tax. If someone else wants to take over the job, then THEY can keep the Laundry Tax. Maybe.

  6. Mir, can’t see the amazon deal. What city was it for? I see the Nick Jr. Deal

  7. same here, we missed it! 🙁 boo

  8. I have a question about Mamapedia. Are all the states deals the same?

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