Saturday deals, with a blender twist

By Mir
November 20, 2010

I keep meaning to make this its own post, but it hasn’t happened yet, so I’m just going to put it here. Remember when I paid full price for a new blender? It lasted only a year before it started to falter, so I decided to pull out the big guns. I was ready to buy a Vitamix or a Blendtec to get a blender that would last. And then… I saw this. (Cliff Notes version, if you’d rather not read/watch: Popular Mechanics tested a bunch of blenders and declared the KitchenAid the very best of the bunch.)

I stalked the KitchenAid Store for about a month before they got a new shipment of refurbished blenders into the Outlet section, and then for $59 I got the same blender that Amazon is selling for $96. And I love it. And whisper sweet nothings to it. It’s a monster of a workhorse, so if you need a new blender, run to KitchenAid. (Bonus: If you’re buying more than a blender? This weekend you can use coupon code EARLYFS99 for free shipping on your $99+ order.)

So there’s that.

Today’s Overstock Deal of the Day is a Highloft Supreme 3-inch Memory Foam Topper with great reviews; just $70 with $1 to ship for any size. (As always: That’s a middlin’ deal on the twin, but kind of a screamin’ deal on the king.)

Still need to get your holiday cards done? Check out today’s Merry Deal Reveal at Snapfish: It’s 40% off photo cards with coupon code MERRY1120, today only.

Looking for very specific toys before the mad holiday rush? Over at the Mattel Shop you can use coupon code FF25OFF for 25% off everything and free shipping on $75+. Or you can check out and use coupon code LFFAMILY to take 20% off everything and get free shipping on $50+.

And last (for now) but not least, shop Aeropostale this weekend and you can use coupon code AEROHOLIDAY to save 30% on your entire order, and get free shipping on $100+.

What else… oh! I have a winner coming up for you, and I’m gearing up for a few surprises for y’all for Black Friday Week, so you’re going to want to stick around. Pinky swear.


  1. So the memory foam – if you need a couple of twins, you should get a king and cut it in half, yes?

  2. New blender on the way! Thanks, Mir. My fairly new blender was a huge disappointment, making me want to run to the Vitamix. That price, though, has been hard to swallow. So, this is the perfect solution.

    And you ain’t kiddin on that memory foam deal. We just bought one at almost twice that price.


  3. 🙁 The Mattel company says the code expired. Oddly enough.. I now no longer “need” any of the things in the shopping cart. lol Funny how that works!

  4. We have the KitchenAid blender, too, after a bunch of research (can’t remember what I paid). Trying to make baby food in the old one made me crazy and blending meat baby food just couldn’t be done. And the KitchenAid is a major butt-kicker. It’s so satisfying to watch things puree into nothingness in a moment. I definitely recommend!

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