Save on the sale, today only

By Mir
November 22, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Got a quickie for you, and my apologies for not posting this sooner.

Today (November 22nd, 2010) only, shop sale items at Vera Bradley and you can take an additional 30% off the sale price with coupon code VBPOUNCE.

This brings most of the prices down from “well, on sale it doesn’t make me choke” firmly into the “hey, I would totally pay that” camp. Nice.


  1. It does put them into the “I would pay that” camp.
    Shipping is super high for me though. $8? For a $20 purse? Ouch.

  2. Yeah, if you’re only getting the one cheap thing, shipping kind of kills it. But if you buy more than one or go more expensive, the code will save you shipping and then some.

  3. I felt better after I bought something larger. Plus using a 30% off coupon for something small was silly.

  4. You see? This is why i love hanging out at your place. You take me to places I never even think of. Thanks, Mir

  5. Thank you! Sister’s presents bought!

  6. AARRGGHH!! I really need to get on twitter, I guess. Missed this one because I didn’t see it until today, a day late.

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