For that must-have LEGO set

By Mir
November 23, 2010

My son is getting to That Age. You know the one—he still loves LEGO, but he wants a particular set (or two or three) and not just any bargain grab will do. So I’m on the hunt for his Very Specific Building Needs without breaking the bank.

Here’s one way to grab one of the latest-and-greatest options without making your wallet cry: Check out the assortment of LEGO sets at Barnes and Noble and then use coupon code H4W9V7M at checkout for 30% off one kids’ item. It even works on those items that say they’re probably ineligible for coupon discounts! And sure, you could use it on any other kids’ item, instead, but those of us with kids who worship at the altar of LEGO know this one is probably best used on something Harry Potter- or Star Wars-themed. Just sayin’.

Shipping is automatically free on $25, too. So it makes sense to go for the bigger item. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself….


  1. Yayay! You just enabled me to get my dad the Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater set for $66.47 shipped, when the cheapest I’d been able to find it be fore was over $100. Good day!

  2. THANK YOU oh goddess Mir! Because of this code I was able to buy (and only feel slightly guilty) the Video Girl Barbie my little Barbie – addict has been begging for. Took the price from a stinging $50 to a manageable $35! Have I told you today that I love you? 😉

  3. I love you Mir!

  4. Awesome! I just got Lego Fallingwater for my architect, Lego loving husband.

  5. Oh, pretty, pretty Mir – you are my hero! My guy gets one big Lego set for Christmas, and you just helped me get an $80 space police set for $56 shipped without having to set foot in Target or Toys R Us. YAY! (and thank you!)

  6. Thanks Mir! I’m getting a Lego Creator House set (for my 6-yr-old who is newly obsessed w/ Lego.) Saved a cool $13, plus free shipping!

  7. Have I mentioned how pretty you’re looking these days, Mir? Very pretty!
    Thanks for the great deal!

  8. Would this be a good way to get a deal on a Playmobil set? I’m new to the world of Playmobil…

  9. I got the Lego Emporor Palpatine shuttle for $18 off the Target price. That is the same as TOYSRUS black friday discount of 30%, plus free shipping.

    Did that make sense? All I know is I saved $18 with no standing in line, no crazy parking lots.

    thanks! I would not have seen this deal without your website!

  10. Ooh, just got Hagrid’s Hut Lego set and the coupon worked. Thanks, Mir!

  11. Wow! Thanks, Mir, you just made my day.

  12. sweet! Hagrid’s Hut was on the wishlist for one of our holiday families.

  13. Hagrid’s Hut is on it’s way! Thanks MIr! Now, can you find the no-longer-made remote control lego car that the other one wants? He’s pretty sure that Santa can get it even if it is no longer on the lego website….

  14. Was looking for a Lego set for my 8 year old and got the creator house set! Wahoo – thanks for the code!

  15. thanks! you are great!

  16. Thanks for the tip…just bought my son the Lego City Helicopter and saved $12!

  17. Thanks, Mir! There’s a good selection of Melissa & Doug toys too… I’m trying to make up my mind now!

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