Keep your eye on the Lightning Deals

By Mir
November 24, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

You are remembering to watch the Black Friday Week Lightning Deals at Amazon, right? New deals are being released every half hour or so, and they are going fast. (As a reminder: New Lightning Deal rules mean you have just 15 minutes to complete your purchase after putting a deal in your cart, but also mean that you can join a waiting list for an item if you miss it, and you may get it if someone else’s purchase times out.)

There are four new Lightning Deals going live in about five minutes, which is enough time to load up the page and make sure you’re signed in and ready to purchase. I’m looking at the clues and thinking… a couple of video games (and almost certainly a Rock Band or Guitar Hero one)… possibly something from jewelry… and some tall boots.

The suspense is killing me just a little, but I’m ready to click when necessary.


  1. yahooo I got one, I got one! one of my boys is pining for the Nerf Long shot and after saying NO MORE NERF in this house, I backpedalled…and now I have one on its way for only $15 – 50% off the normal price! now, I just have to go stock up on bullets and patience….

    question – since you can’t change quantity, do you have to click the deal to add to cart twice if you hope to get more than one??? dang my nephew would have loved this gift too!

  2. Lightning Deals are one per person, which is why you can’t change the quantity. Sorry! But yay for getting one!

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