I may require an Amazon 12-step program

By Mir
November 26, 2010

Why yes, I am utterly unable to pull myself away from the Amazon Black Friday Lightning Deals, why do you ask?

While I wait for the next crop of deals to come up, I surf around for other stuff. And then I find things like this: They have the Megamind: The Blue Defender Nintendo DS game (which is a brand new release) available for $15 if you buy it directly from Amazon (choose Amazon as the seller in the “More Buying Choices” column on the right). Everyone else is charging twice that. No idea if the game is any good, but at the price, I’d be more willing to chance it.

And now, back to the Lightning Deals….


  1. My Christmas motto is, “If Amazon doesn’t deliver it, Santa ain’t bringin’ it!”

  2. I’ve been glued to the computer all day too (and practically all week as well). What’s going to happen tomorrow?? Mamma needs her lightning deals… I can’t remember if they continue under a Christmas name into December, or if there is a break. Does anyone recall?

  3. Last year, didn’t they do toy deals through Christmas? Or am I dreaming/wishing that? The bad part is, I’m pretty much done with Christmas and most kids birthdays for the next 14 months…lol.

  4. Tanya, I can’t remember if they did the the Lightning Deals over the weekend, last year, but I would expect there to be day-long Lightning Deals on Monday at the very least.

    And then… don’t forget the Amazon toy clearance generally starts in earnest around the second week in December. *rubbing hands together*

  5. Oh, yes, it was the toy clearance that had the UPS/FEDEX/USPS bring boxes to my door daily last year….I’m afraid that will be the case the next few days also! lol

  6. I had planned on leaving the house today, but that didn’t happen! Oh well, I got my red Wii for $169.99 without stepping foot into a store!!!

  7. I’ll go to the 12 step program with you. 🙂

    “If Amazon doesn’t deliver it, Santa ain’t bringin’ it!” <– That's awesome.

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you pretty Mir! I got so much done today following your lead, including the $169 Wii for our family gift. The hardest part of the day was reminding myself to buy just what I needed, instead of jumping at every bargain. I’m pretty pleased with myself, and wanted to say thank you for helping us all out!

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