Stocking stuffer?

By Mir
November 26, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Maybe this isn’t your typical Black Friday fare, but I find shaving cream to be an excellent stocking stuffer. Ha. (Yes, I’m available for parties!)

Right now you can buy this 6-pack of Gillette Sensitive Skin Shaving Foam from Amazon for just $7 shipped when you buy via Subscribe & Save.

(And ladies—this is also a great option for legs, even though it doesn’t come in a pink can.)


  1. Cheaper than the stuff in the pink can, too!

  2. It won’t come up for me, maybe it is gone.

    Hey, so is there a way to see the current lightening deals without having to scroll through all the previous ones? on amazon that is?

  3. I’ve just been keeping a page with the Lightning Deals constantly open so that I can move past the earlier ones and keep it on the upcoming ones.

  4. thanks! that is very SMART but then when i click on anything else or add something to my cart, i lose my spot on the deals and have to start back at 1, which stinks cause then i lose the deal,,,,, , the wii is up now, black? or mario red?!?!? choices

  5. Ok, after being lured into lots of amazon deals, including the red wii and balance board,
    deal deal deal, i have figured out, do not, do not shop from an aol browser! THAT is what was holding me up on amazon! maybe i will move into the proper century yet 🙂 Thanks for all your tips Mir!

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