Attacked by UNO cards

By Mir
November 27, 2010

What could possible make UNO more fun? UNO Attack!, of course, where the motorized doohickey might spew cards at you at any given moment. All it needs now is to say “Ha-ha!” in the same voice as the bully from The Simpsons and it’ll be a perfect torture device.

Regardless, I think my kids will love it. And at $13.50ish, it’s the cheapest price I’ve seen. Time to attack.


  1. I cannot get the price to come in at all. It posts at $24.99 so not a bargain. I will keep trying. If anyone is successful let us know.

  2. The rule of thumb at Amazon is that great prices are usually very time-limited, Irene. The good news is that if you miss a deal, a new one usually comes along in very short order!

  3. It’s a very fun game enjoyed by the entire family, so if the price is low again, I recommend.

  4. One of my nieces received this for Christmas a few years back, and we had a blast with it. I think the adults may have had more fun than the kids!

  5. My parents got this for my son and I have to tell you that we LOVE it. We play it a bunch, we take it to other people’s houses to make them play it….bottom line —- best UNO game EVER.

    PS. Don’t bother with UNO Flash — it is a sensory overload and frankly not as much fun.

  6. I always loved how the Simpsons captured that special bully laugh PERFECTLY.

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