The Wii for the James Bond fanatic

By Mir
November 27, 2010

If you’ve been wanting a Wii console but somehow didn’t buy one during any of the thirty different sales yesterday (ha!), plus if you’re a James Bond fan, your waiting is about to pay off.

Today only, Amazon is offering a Wii James Bond bundle wherein buying the black Wii bundle (which comes with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort) gets you the James Bond 007: Goldeneye 007 bundle for free. It’s a $70 value, plus you get the gold classic controller (shiny!) and, one assumes, the right to say, “The name is Bond. James Bond.”

I am not, however, to be held responsible if this irritates your friends and family to the point where they throw couch pillows at you.


  1. Thank you oh pretty Mir! Hubby just stood in line at Meijer this morning, hoping to snag a Wii. The store only had 15 available & he wasn’t one of the lucky 15. Just made his deal by purchasing this deal!

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