Charge up those wiimotes

By Mir
November 28, 2010

We have an induction charger for our Wii remotes and I love it; it isn’t hard for the kids to fit the remotes into (lining up perfectly isn’t an issue), and the jackets needn’t be removed. Plus, it saves buying new batteries all the time.

Of course, I have it on good authority that Santa is bringing a couple of new Wii Remote Pluses, and then I don’t have enough recharging capacity anymore. Hrm.

So I went looking for another induction station. I found this one at Kohls, which is currently marked down from $40 to $16. Coupon code CONTACTFR is still giving free shipping on any order and code EXTRA20 can be stacked for another 20% off. Not a bad item for $13ish shipped if you’ve just gotten a Wii or expanded the number of remotes you need to charge.


  1. Thank you! Our old charger (not induction) is not charging so well anymore, and I was just listening to my husband yell at the Wiimotes yesterday (for the millionth time) about how “I just charged you! Why aren’t you working?!” when we were trying to stream our Netflix. I no longer have to hear that, and I have you to thank.

  2. Sure will be a Wii xmas at my house! $14.05 to California, FYI. Thanks again Mir!

  3. I was JUST looking at these today! What a deal–I snatched one up and am thinking about another one! THANKS!

  4. Did I miss the good deals on the new remotes? I forgot to keep an eye out?

  5. Picked one up for my brother and his family, since my mom is giving them some remotes.

    As an aside, we saw a commercial for the induction cell phone charger, and my mom said she’d read that those are really slow to charge. Anybody else know anything? I thought for this price, it was worth taking a chance. :>)

  6. Just how is it that you know exactly what I’ve been looking for????

  7. Do you feel like a dog just slobbered all over your face? Because I’m giving you giant slobbery blogger kisses right now. Thank You! Just what we needed. (handing you a towel…clean yourself up, woman)

  8. Awesome. My mom is getting new remotes for Christmas. For $12.80, it’s worth a shot. Plus, while looking, I found a DS game for my niece on sale. 🙂

  9. Mir, you’re pretty much totally awesome! I’ve wanted a charger for our Wii remotes, but have balked at the price. Thank you!!

  10. You rock! Thank you! Been looking at these for a while – great price! Would have never seen this w/o you! I’ll say it again…you rock!

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