Put a mouse in your stocking

By Mir
November 29, 2010

This one claims not to be shipping for a couple of weeks, but stocking stuffer or not, it’s hard to beat $5 for an optical wireless mouse. I’m tempted to pick one up just to have a spare. (Or to have a mouse that travels with my laptop, so I can leave my regular one at home on my desk.)

Somewhat related: I could tell you how many order I’ve placed at Amazon in the past week, but then I’d have to kill you. Sorry.


  1. Let me guess…is it an Irrational Number? Oh, wait! I know this one!! It’s a Prime number!

  2. Not available now.

  3. Hah! Prime number. I’m getting the hang of this online shopping. Expecting 6 boxes from Amazon tomorrow. We won’t talk about the ones coming today and Wednesday. 🙂

  4. The mouse is available now again but you won’t get it until after Christmas which was ok with me. I’ve had them say that before and then had things show up early so we’ll see.

  5. I actually had to make a list of all of my online orders so I make sure I receive them all. I worry that something will get lost, etc. and I will forget I ordered it. Crazy!

  6. I won’t ask you if you won’t ask me how many Amazon orders I’ve placed. Deal?

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