The Mack Daddy of GPSs

By Mir
November 29, 2010

One more quickie (I am trying to get out to the grocery store, today, and the deals keep sucking me back in…) before I head out: Right now Amazon has this 5″ TomTom XXL with lifetime maps for just $90! Crazy! I could buy that instead of updating my Garmin’s maps.

Um, not that I would. Probably I wouldn’t. Because I already have a GPS. So what if sometimes it claims I’m driving in the forest…?


  1. Mir, I love you.

  2. Good grief. Last week I ordered the traffic/maps version for… well, not much more, but enough that I’m sighing in exasperation. Where I live, we don’t really HAVE traffic, so I’d be fine with just the maps! Ah, well.

  3. Ugh — I JUST bought this last week on Amazon for $132. GRR…. still, a great deal for someone who hadn’t bought it yet!

    (I wonder if I should buy it again, then return the 1st one?? Return shipment would cost a bit, but I still might get about $30 out of the deal)

  4. I double checked, because I bought the $132 one last week, too, and it is different, slightly. The $132 has the lifetime traffic, too, while this one doesn’t. Oh well, I’m still fine with the deal I got on it last week and since we live in the DFW area, hopefully the traffic aspect comes in handy at some point!

  5. Thanks for posting! Got one for Dad for Christmas! 🙂

  6. Jamie — thanks for catching that detail! I think the extra $42 I paid is worth it for the lifetime traffic updates (hello, I-93 construction traffic in northern MA & southern NH!)

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