Video games galore

By Mir
November 30, 2010

So now in addition to the greatly-expanded Lightning Deals at Amazon (first it was Black Friday Week Lightning Deals, then Black Friday Lightning Deals, then Holiday Weekend Lightning Deals, then Cyber Monday Lightning Deals, and now Cyber Week Lightning Deals—you have to admire their persistence!), now we have a whole new crop of deals to track: Amazon is also doing 17 Days of Video Game Deals.

Welcome to day one; today it’s all Disney kids’ games. Just in case you need a few cheap titles to go with the Wii or DS that Santa’s bringing.


  1. Pretty, pretty Mir – I have a video game question for you: I don’t need any Disney games, but I noticed that Amazon has the Wii version of Kirby’s Epic Yarn for $10 off. My almost-11-year-old son has been begging for this game since it was released, and I just hate to pay full price for it. I haven’t seen it discounted anywhere yet this season – should I hold off, or do you think $10 off is the best deal I’ll see? Enlighten me, oh wise bargain seeker!

  2. Angie: I hesitate to make predictions on these sorts of things, because even I guess wrong sometimes. (Exhibit A: My glee at grabbing Wii Band Hero for $90 on a lightning deal, only for it to go on another lightning deal for $75 a few weeks later.) That said, it’s a relatively new game with incredible reviews, so I wouldn’t expect it to go much cheaper before the holidays, no. Amazon looks to be the only place with a discount right now, too.

  3. Thanks Mir – and if it goes lower, I will certainly not hold it against you!

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