More family video game fun

By Mir
December 1, 2010

Today is day two of Amazon’s 17 Days of Video Game Deals, and today it’s a slew of family-friendly titles for your pleasure. They’re kicking it off with a Gold Box filled with Just Dance 2 for only $26, which is good news for some of you and annoying news for those of you who stalked the lightning deal on it a few days ago.

Hey, I don’t set the prices, I just report on ’em.

I also see the first two and the most recent Raving Rabbids games (you know how I love Raving Rabbids!), plus there’s Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (one of my kids’ faves) for 40% off. Lots of great options, is my point.

(Also: I got ten boxes from the UPS guy yesterday. Eight of them were from Amazon. I, uh, maybe need to stop shopping, now.)


  1. I just saw an ad for Raving Rabbids traveling in time – it made me want it, and I don’t have any kind of game console!

  2. Well, it doesn’t help that Amazon puts each item into its own box… (huge pet peeve!)

  3. Rachel: Exactly! Why even have the “group my items in as few shipments as possible” option? The boxes are packed by robots in the warehouse (really). My kids’ eyes just about bugged out of their heads when they saw the stack. “Is that stuff for us?”

    “Uh, no. It’s for… charity.”

    “ALL OF IT?”

    “Yes. Go away.”

  4. We’re overflowing in Amazon boxes too. Does Santa send things ahead to lighten the sleigh?

  5. I got some of my Black Friday Amazon purchases on MONDAY. I just kind of blinked at the UPS man. The rest were delivered on Tuesday… really late in the evening… in the rain. I felt kind of bad.

  6. Hey! I resemble the remark about stalking the lightening deal on Black Friday. LOL…can’t win ’em all, I suppose. 😉

    Thanks for all you do, Mir. We love you, and not just because you’re so pretty and have so many BEAUTIFUL shoes. 🙂

  7. I got 7 boxes from Amazon Monday (in my defense, 3 were from Vine), and 5 yesterday…um, none of those were from Vine…

    Hi, my name is Randi and I’m addicted to Amazon…

  8. All y’all are making me feel so restrained (if only my husband thought so) I only received two boxes yesterday and one of those contained 2 orders. yeah for consolidation in shipping and Mir.

  9. wait i read that back and think i meant restraintful or full of restraint or something different from what i wrote. agh. will have caffeine before any further comments.

  10. My husband claims I single-handedly keep UPS in business with all my Amazon boxes. Well, at least the driver on our route!

  11. good to know I’m not alone on the Amazon boxes! I feel bad for my UPS guy, he walks up our 45 degree uphill drive way…bless his heart

  12. Ah, yes, it’s that time of the year when we can gather the young ‘uns around the table and regale them with tales of Life Before Amazon.

    They’re sure I’m making it all up.

  13. would it be too much to ask that all packages be delivered in the 2 hours that I have no kids here at home as it was quite difficult to hear my conference call when my youngest was hollering about not being able to open up all the packages delivered? sheesh.

    and as exciting as it was to receive all the packages, all I can really think is…geez, I still have to WRAP it all!

  14. Anyone want to take a stab at explaining this? I placed an order for a DS Disney game yesterday -$13.99- and clicked through, not really paying attention, until I noticed (this makes me sound like an idiot) that I’d only paid $4.37. (I pay sales tax with amazon, alas). There was a $10 “promotional credit” applied to the order.


  15. Leila, have you bought other games? Some of them have had promotional credits attached, and they get plunked into your account like magic. Enjoy your savings! 🙂

  16. I’ve bought… loads of games so one of them must have. Thank you! It was perplexing.

    And yes, as you said. Magic!

  17. All six of my boxes that came today were stacked so nicely. Am I supposed to get my UPS man a Christmas gift? I felt awful for him and the TWO different FedEx trucks that visited yesterday in a horrible storm. Santa has such wonderful helpers!

  18. If you have a regular delivery person and get a lot of deliveries, I think a gift is a very nice gesture! I usually give mine a thermos or thermal mug and some expensive cocoa. 😀

  19. Definitely give the UPS guy a gift. My husband works from home and restores motorcycles, so he gets a lot of big, heavy and/or awkward boxes. Plus, there are all those Amazon boxes for me! I know it’s their job, but they deserve appreciation. We usually give them gift cards (not to Amazon though- they probably hate that place!).

    These guys (and gals) save me from having to brave the mall during the holidays, so I owe ’em!

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