Stocking stuffers for the grownups (with laundry)

By Mir
December 1, 2010

(Yes, it’s going to be an Amazon kind of day, today. I can’t help it.)

It’s December! And that means a brand new crop of Amazon grocery coupons. Remember, coupons on your coupon page will change when you hit refresh. So take a look at that page and see if you have a coupon code for Tide Stain Remover Pens. No? Refresh, baby! Refresh until you find it. Click and it will offer you three different options to place into your cart. Don’t choose any of them, because what you want to buy is the Tide To Go 3-Count Package, but you want to buy it via Subscribe and Save for the additional discount.

1) Find the coupon through the first link. Click on the coupon but not any product.
2) Click this link and then choose to add the pens to your cart via Subscribe & Save (you can cancel any time, but I always choose the 6-month interval to give myself plenty of time to cancel).
3) At checkout, you’ll see a $1 coupon discount, and a $1.03 S&S discount, but then you can also apply coupon code LAUNDRY7 for another $1.03 off.

The result is 3 Tide Pens to your door for under $4. And stocking stuffers the grown-ups can actually use.


  1. You are very pretty, it’s true! Now my hubby will look less messy!

  2. Darn! No more subscribe and save?
    “Although this item is included in Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, it’s not available to ship immediately and cannot be subscribed to at this time. Please check back.”

  3. Just a friendly PSA… if you have some Tide pens in your laundry room/junk drawer/office drawer/sewing room/wherever and you haven’t used them for a while, check them now. They go rancid and are NASTY! I made the mistake of going to use one before smelling it and it was nearly vomit inducing. Made the shirt I was wearing unwearable and I had to change. Oh my, it was nasty! New pens throughout my house…

  4. Yup, no more S&S option. It’s $4.86 without the S&S. Which still isn’t bad.

  5. I’d be pretty annoyed if Santa put laundry detergent in my stocking. I’d just as soon have it be empty. 🙂

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