St. Nick is bringing you turtlenecks

By Mir
December 2, 2010

Today’s St. Nick’s Pick at Lands’ End is a variety of $10 turtle- and mocknecks for the whole family. It is currently 28 degrees here in Georgia—which I’m pretty sure is illegal—and I am feeling much love for the big bearded guy on this one.

Shipping is currently free on every order through my link, and if you have more shopping to do, let me help: Take 40% off the highest-price item in your cart with coupon code SAVE40 and PIN 9019. I’m doing a little happy dance, because one of my kids needs new all-weather mocs. Woo! [Edited to add: It looks like the free shipping is applied via the same sort of promotion as the 40% off, and you can only use one or the other. So I’d stick with free shipping unless you’re buying a big-ticket item, in which case I’d remove the free shipping promo and use the 40% off one, instead. Sorry for any confusion.]


  1. I am so getting some!

  2. Mir,
    Can you get both 40% off and free shipping? It automatically puts the free ship promo code in my account at checkout but I cannot find where to add the 40% code. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Ah… my apologies, Kristi, it looks like one promo per order, which means you’d have to remove the free shipping one to get the 40% off one. Will amend my post.

  4. That promo code is for 40% off AND free shipping for orders over $75. So, if your order is under $75 it’s just 40% off your highest priced item. If it’s over you get both 40% your highest priced item + free shipping.

    I just did 3 different shopping carts to find the best deal. By adding a few pairs of tights for my daughter to the cart to bring my $50 order up to $75 I tipped both discounts and essentially got 3 pairs of tights for just $4 more. And my mom is getting all 5 colors of turtlenecks she requested a few weeks ago. Whoot! (now, what one does with an ivroy, a white and an oatmeal turtleneck in the same wardrobe is beyond me).

  5. Woot! Thank you!

    We had a fight this morning about who got to wear the warm winter coat. I just ordered a super-warm down coat using the 40% off code. What’s not to love about getting a $129 coat for $78? Especially if I assume I will wear it ~5x/week for 15 – 20 weeks/year (this is Wisconsin!), for at least the next 2 or 3 years. That works out to between $0.25-0.50/per day of being both warm and cute.

    And because it was still more than $75, I still got free shipping.

  6. If you’re spending over $75 and want the 40% off + the free shipping, be sure to enter the codes in the boxes labeled “promotion code”, not “gift card”, like I did. Save yourself some frustration (d’oh!).

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