Sometimes I plan ahead by accident

By Mir
December 4, 2010

Did you know that Kohls is one of the stores where you can save your cart and come back to it later? It’s true; just sign in when you’re shopping, then when you leave, sign out—it’ll ask you if you’d like to save your cart.

Sometimes I shop around at Kohls and then decide I don’t quite feel like spending the money right then, and I leave my cart and go on my merry way. And then the next time I see something shiny over there, I go back and get a lovely surprise: Everything in my cart has dropped in price! Wooo! That’s what happened to me with these scarf and gloves sets. I mean, super-cute, am I right? But no way was I paying the original price of $30. And I was even feeling iffy about the $15 they were marked down to a couple of days ago. But now they’re just $9.49, and with coupon code NEXTORDER20 they come down to $7.60, plus any order ships for free with coupon code FREECCDEC.

It’s like I totally planned it.


  1. I’ve done that with my Kohl’s cart as well, and then had a next to impossible time REMOVING items later. Probably just a glitch in my computer or something, but it was a nightmare!

  2. Thanks! Got the pink and black for my sis…perfect for her!

  3. I also save things in my Amazon cart. . .

  4. Thanks and praise to the Goddess Mir!!

  5. WooHoo… Merry Christmas to me and three others on my list. Thanks Mir!!!

  6. Kohl’s always deletes my cart, even when I’m logged in, even if I step away for an hour in the middle of shopping. I wonder why!

  7. You’re so pretty.

  8. thanks! i just purchased 2 pair of shoes for $40 cheaper than what i paid in store yesterday for same shoes, guess I will make a return to the store for $40 difference, yowza! u rock!

  9. I just got a bunch of good deals @ Kohls using those codes. Women’s socks for me, raincoat for the baby, embroidered Thanksgiving/autumn towels for, um … the next time i get invited to someone’s house for Thanksgiving I guess. And warm mittens for one of the kids. It snowed today for the first time and I realized that I don’t have all the gear I need for the kids.

  10. The sets are still $15.00 on my Kohl’s website, bummer, it’s still Sat the 4th. I’m in San Diego–that shouldn’t matter, right? Love your blog anyway!

  11. I’m getting the $15 price as well.

  12. Just figured out that % off codes are applied *after* any Kohl’s Cash is used. Good to remember when shopping this weekend!

  13. I wonder if the $9.49 price was an Early Bird thing. Sorry, ladies!

  14. Love it when that happens!

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