This just seems like a bad idea

By Mir
December 6, 2010

On the one hand: Oh, look! has the Nerf N-Strike Elite Bundle for Wii available for just $19 shipped, which is a full $10 less than the current price at Amazon. Yay for sales!

On the other hand: It’s a game that comes with a Nerf gun that both, y’know, works as a Nerf gun and can have the Wii remote inserted and used in conjunction with the video game. And it shoots Nerf dart things. Yay for having your awesome flat-screen TV smudged or maybe even broken with darts!

So, uh, yeah. Good luck with this one.


  1. It says $75 for me.

    Not that I want my kids shooting at my new TV, but $19 would have been a good price.

  2. Uhhhh… still showing $18.99 for me…? Anyone else?

  3. This is an awesome game! My kids were playing it yesterday and they love it!

  4. link takes you to a $75 game, but if you search nerf n strike elite bundle the $19. price shows up. $19 sounds a lot prettier to me.

  5. It is actually cool. The insert that shoots the bullets comes out and you replace it with the Wii Remote! So not only do you get a cool video game you get a cool nerf gun too!

  6. This is baffling to me. I’ve now gone through that link in 3 different browsers and they all take me to the $19 game. Did I fall through a wormhole here or what?

  7. I searched and found the $19 price, but when I added it to my cart it still came up at $75 : (

  8. It took me to the $75 price on Firefox. I was able to search and find the $18.99 price as Jill mentioned. However, when I clicked the search results it took me back to the page with the $75 price.

  9. I got $19 when I clicked through, and I’m even still in the stone ages with IE. :>) Sooo tempted to get this for my four nieces to torture my brother with, but I fear my sister-in-law too much…

  10. Link works for me, I’m just DONE with shopping. 🙂

  11. Call them and they’ll honor the price… 🙂

  12. Link takes me to $18.99 price, so if you’re in a wormhole, I’m with you.

  13. Great find, thanks! I don’t think my son has even heard of this one, he’ll be so surprised when he opens it up on Christmas morning.

  14. Santa brought this last year, and it’s still a favorite.

  15. Kids are getting a Wii (Finally) and this would be a great hit. Thanks.

  16. this morning it is $15.95.

  17. We have it and my kids adore it!

  18. $15.95 today and FREE SHIPPING!

  19. We’ve got it and even *I* have fun shooting down robots! And whomever designed that gun is a genius – it works beautifully.

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