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By Mir
December 7, 2010
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If you missed the last deal at Best Buy on iTunes gift cards, this one is almost as good (or maybe even better, if you’d rather have multiple stocking-stuffer cards rather than one big card): Right now you can buy two $10 3-card packs and you’ll automatically get $10 off your total, so $60 cards for just $50. (Shipping is free.)

Just click on the “$10 off iTunes… find out how” link in the product description to get the deal.

It’s not a huge savings, but if you were planning on buying a bunch of iTunes cards anyway, why not save the ten bucks?


  1. Actually, Target has 4-$15 packs, so $60 value for $48 this week.

  2. I can’t find the Target deal online. And y’all know I don’t step foot into an actual store between Thanksgiving and Christmas, right?

  3. Well if you or anyone does step into a store…Michaels has $25 i tunes for $20 until the end of the year.

  4. It was online yesterday, but I don’t see it now. It is in the flyer on page 14, but that might mean a trip to an actual store.

  5. The Target iPhone app shows it in the weekly ad area, but I get a 404 when I click through to view it on There doesn’t seem to be a way to purchase it through the app, either.

  6. I needed 6 for my daughter’s day care providers. Thanks for the info about the savings! I saved $10 but I still get to treat them all!

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