It’s been that kind of week

By Mir
December 8, 2010

You know how sometimes it’s a really bad week, and then you look around and realize that hey, it’s only Wednesday? Yeah. Welcome to my world!

I’m just saying that I may be a tad overexcited by today’s Pittsburgh Groupon. I mean, $45 for a 6-bottle tasting pack of wine from is a great deal even if life is going swimmingly. But given how my week is going, wine may be all that more appealing because it goes with, you know, whine.

Either way, though.

Do make sure to check the delivery availability before you buy; some of you live in states where the shipping of alcohol is prohibited. (How much wine do you need to deal with that, exactly…?)


  1. Hey, you only need to suffer 2.5 more weeks until . . the post-Christmas deals? Sorry. Here, have more wine.

  2. Mir, I’m really sorry you’re having such a tough time. I hope things improve soon! Misery loves company…I’ll be joining you soon, as we’re going to my MIL’s for xmas…joy to the world! That’s why I’m all the more thankful for the wine deal. I bought it and am going to have it shipped to my MIL’s house…a “gift” for her, and it will mean I won’t have to make a trip to the liquor store, as soon as I arrive. I’m hoping six bottles will last 4 days. LOL

  3. I love wine! And of course I live in a state they don’t deliver to….

  4. Haha Stephanie! Your mil sounds EXACTLY like MINE! I couldn’t written that post myself! Hope your holidays are merry (and drunk!) !!!

    Thanks, Mir! My hubs will love this!

  5. Whoops! Meant to say COULD HAVE written that post myself! Can you tell it’s been that kind of week for me too?

  6. Nice to know I’m not the only person thinking of wine so early in the morning. As long as I’m only thinking about it……

  7. The end of my Facebook comment last night about decorating the tree with the “hearing impaired and surly kids” said “Mommy needs more wine.”

  8. Sitting at work reading about wine and love, love, love that others feel the same about wine. 😉 Especially, “Mommy needs more wine.” Wine is one of those things I won’t give up – no matter how hard my day is, a glass of wine always helps me put things in perspective.

  9. I live in Oklahoma and of course they don’t ship here as our wacky state does everything it can to buying wine as difficult as possible— perhaps because living her at times make me think I need more of it and they are just “helping” who knows….

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