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By Mir
December 8, 2010

The great big Amazon December Toy Clearance isn’t quite here, yet, but I’m seeing rumblings. Price drops are beginning. I’m getting excited.

In the meantime, if you have an early elementary child who needs a little math practice (or a teacher for whom a classroom game would be a great gift), may I suggest Sum Swamp? It’s down to just $8, with great reviews. And it’s totally justifiable because it’s educational, too.

And then, if you’re very lucky, someday you’ll have a nearly-teen like mine. You know, one who says all she wants for Christmas is an iPod Touch, but—failing that—she’ll take a pair of fake Uggs and a scientific calculator. (Hey, even nerdlings need to keep their feet warm.)


  1. What size are her feet? I have a pair of Fuggs that I don’t know what to do with. They are size 7, eggplant color. They’re brand new – their label says the real name but the boots are not. But if you can use them I’ll send them your way. Consider it a repayment for the many deals I’ve found from your site.

  2. We have this game and LOVE it! I think I’ll pick it up for my son’s kindergarten class! Thanks, Mir!

  3. We have this game too! It’s fantastic. Fun to play, and doesn’t take too long, and shhhh! They’re learning!

  4. Pretty Mir, where can I find the best deals on Lego Star Wars items that Santa might want to bring my son? Or other Legos with lots of the little people?

  5. Liza: It’s very, very hard to find deals on the Star Wars stuff before Christmas because it’s so perennially popular, BUT we may find some goodies for you at Target/Amazon over the next week or two. I will keep my eyes open!

  6. Thank you, Mir!

    If you think it will be easier in the after-Christmas window, I will also be looking for presents for a certain little boy’s February birthday.

  7. Thanks Mir. I’ve always wanted to give the teacher’s something useful. Thanks to you I will this year!

  8. My almost teen bought a…I don’t know which generation – 2?… Ipod touch with saved up babysitting money. She is now a huge fan of free WiFi…and the text free app…and, it even has a sort-of scientific calculator.

    I’ve only had to put it in lock-down once so far – due to her trying to use it WHILE getting ready for school and/or bed. So there was some review of the general household rule of ‘get your stuff done first THEN you can read’, but otherwise the only problem we have is that we call it her phone…I’m trying to train myself to call it her pod.

  9. Laughing as I read this…on my iPod touch

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