I miss the play kitchen days

By Mir
December 9, 2010

When my children were very small, one Christmas Santa brought them a whole little kitchen setup, and after just a few days in the designated play space, we moved it all into the actual kitchen. While I cooked, they cooked. I made real food that they didn’t eat, and they served me things like plastic cupcakes topped with rubber steaks that I didn’t eat.

It was a beautiful thing, is my point.

Right now Little Tikes is offering their space-saving side-by-side kitchen for just $40. It has everything your little ones need to cook up their own fun, and coupon code BKOF1030 will take off $10, which will just about cover the shipping.

You really haven’t lived until you’ve found a (stuffed) pig in the (fake) dishwasher, and then are offered a (plastic) bacon and pancake sandwich. I’m just sayin’.


  1. Oh, thank you, thank you. Not able to justify the expense of a toy kitchen for my 2-yr-old son when I’d already bought his Christmas presents, I’ve been saving cardboard boxes to make one I saw in Family Fun magazine this month. While I KNOW there’s probably something more inherently virtuous about doing it that way … I have caved. Bring on more plastic crap! The boxes will be broken down tonight and put out with the recycling tomorrow. I am really excited, as I never bought a toy kitchen for my now-almost-6-yr-old son and really wish I had.

  2. My newborn baby girl will not need a toy kitchen this Christmas, right???? Trying to talk reality.

  3. I love toy kitchens! Oh the possibilities 🙂 Just yesterday I was served a quite delicious fish and egg sandwich!

  4. My daughter’s birthday is exactly 2 weeks after Christmas. We already got her a tricycle (although $11 more than your previous post) and so I think this will be a great thing for her to have, too. I just went to put it in my cart and such and it is coming up as $44.99 even though on the site it says $39.99. Any suggestions?

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