Hooray, it’s free shipping day!

By Mir
December 17, 2010

Good morning! Apparently today is Free Shipping Day. Let’s start off with free shipping at The Disney Store—just use coupon code FREESHIP, today only. Guaranteed delivery by Christmas, too.

I’m running a little behind, today, so give me a few minutes to get digging around for you. Though let me just link to the Lightning Deals at Amazon for the bazillionth time to keep you busy, because good lord there are good deals popping up there one after another.


  1. Disney Store works for me! Thanks.

  2. Is this a good lightning deal on the Duplo set? 50% off – $15 for 71 pieces? I’ve noticed by your post it’s hard to find LEGO on sale but haven’t paid much attention.

  3. Susan, yes, I’d consider that a good price. It’s been that low before (I bought the Lego bucket for $15 a few weeks back) but almost never lower.

  4. Thanks, Mir! Sorry you didn’t get much rest last night. As least it’s Friday!

  5. Thanks Mir!! I was able to get my son a pair of christmas pj’s from Disney Store and an extra pair, because it was buy one get one free and no shipping. Glad I held off so long.

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