Star Wars LEGO fanatics, rejoice!

By Mir
December 17, 2010

Apparently Target has marked down the Battle of Endor LEGO set this week, and Amazon just matched their price, which means you can pick it up for a cool $70 (30% off) without paying shipping or tax. [Edited to add: Now sold out directly from Amazon, but available from Target with free shipping.]

Well, you can unless you live in one of those states where Amazon makes you pay tax, that is. In which case I am sad for you, but at least you save shipping or a trip to the store, right? Right.


  1. How do you get free shipping? I have prime but it doesn’t show as qualifying?

  2. Looks like it sold out directly from Amazon and is now defaulting to the Target option. That went fast!

  3. Go get it directly from — you’ll have to pay sales tax if there’s a Target in your state, but at least there’s free shipping!

  4. Thanks!

  5. Mir, you certainly are lovely today, despite being sleep deprived! I’d given up on finding this set on sale. Thanks to Kyallee for the tip!

  6. I am done shopping and I am leaving you. You are contagious- and I don’t mean the flu! I will keep reading Woulda of course, but this here site is too dangerous for me! How do you not buy every bargain you find?

    You are pretty, but I will see you next in January!
    ~Jill in Atlanta

    (Did I say I like your hair? Especially when you let it curl all wild.)

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