Pictionary, Wii style

By Mir
December 21, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Right now Amazon is offering up the uDraw Studio Game and Tablet for $69—turn your Wii into an art studio!—and when you buy it, you can get Pictionary uDraw (normally $30) for free! Or here—make it even easier by going to this page to add both to your cart at once via handy checkboxes. (Thanks for the tip, Carol! You’re pretty!!) Remember, the discount won’t be reflected until the last page of checkout.

Honestly, I love all the different sorts of things we can play on the Wii. But remember when they assured us that it was going to get our kids up and moving? And now we’re excited about… drawing with it? Hee.


  1. So buying this and putting it away for a May birthday! Thank you!

  2. This doesn’t seem to be working – I can buy them both, but I get charged for the Pictionary game.

  3. Is there a different seller where you get the game with it? I can’t seem to locate it.

  4. Drat- my brother bought this for the girls just a few days ago (from Amazon). Do you think they’ll credit him?

  5. Help! Maybe I’m not functioning at full speed yet this morning, but I can’t get the deal to work…any suggestions?

  6. Go to checkout and it will discount the price of the game.

  7. Kathy is wise, folks—go to checkout, the Pictionary game cost will be deducted from your total. 🙂

  8. Thanks Mir and Kathy. Perfect, especially when you have a $37 gift card and use it for this. Now just trying to decide whether to give it to my daughter for Christmas or save it for her birthday in February. Not to mention that the price has dropped to $66.79.

  9. Still not working for me. 🙁

  10. I said I was done with Christmas. I said I was done. And then Amazon had to go and promise me Thursday delivery (I’m an Amazon Mom, so free 2 day delivery.) Do I throw in another (awesome) gift, or save it for the Spring birthdays?

    FYI, the link worked just fine for me. Clicked on both from the link that the ever-pretty Mir provided. Once in my cart, when I went to checkout, the priced had indeed dropped to 66.79, and they took the price off the Pictionary. Yippee!

  11. Worked great! I’ll put this away for one of the kid’s spring birthdays.

  12. I was not able to accomplish this magic trick either

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