Last minute? No problem!

By Mir
December 22, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

So you’ve made it all the way to December 22nd without finishing your holiday shopping, and now you fear you’ll have to… set foot in an actual store. Maybe not! If you shop online today, you can still avoid the dreaded mall.

Have nieces/nephews/grandkids needing a quick gift? Don’t forget that for every $40 in e-certificates you purchase from The Children’s Place, you’ll get another $10 for free. That means it’s a bargain and a little bonus for you. (And if you have actual shopping to do there today, use coupon code C7C2010 for 25% off your entire order!)

Shop until 1:00 p.m. Eastern today at The Discovery Channel Store and use coupon code 2Day; for $6.95, your order will get there on time with rush shipping.

I know most people don’t give the gift of shoes (but I sort of wish they would…), but order by 4:00 p.m. Eastern from and spend $100+, they’ll give you free, guaranteed-in-time-for-Christmas UPS shipping.

If you’re feeling spendy, any order of $99+ at Brookstone ships for free with coupon code EXPRESS if you shop before 5:00 p.m. Eastern today.

And finally, Amazon has a One-Day Shipping Store where everything ships in a day, for free. (That is, of course, aside from the Holiday Lightning Deals which would still arrive on time for those of us with Prime. Yes, I’m still stalking those.)

Stay safe out there, kids—don’t succumb to the mall!


  1. Is it me, or are the online merchants really bending over backward this year to make it so gifts can arrive on time even when ordered a little late, kind of late, late, or very late?

  2. I agree; I think this is the first year they haven’t pushed the “come to the store now!” mentality, realizing many folks would much rather do it online, even if it costs a little more.

  3. Hate the store. Love online shopping. Loathe all of the packaging piling up in my garage.

  4. I came face to face with my online shopping/Amazon Lightning deal addiction when the post office delivered my last round of boxes in one of their white crates. 🙂 It has been wonderful not fighting my way through the mall. Thanks, Mir!

  5. Thanks to you pretty, pretty Mir, I did 98% of my Christmas shopping online this year! It was such a stress-free experience, love it! The only reason I’ll be stepping foot in a mall today is to take the kiddos to see Santa 🙂

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