I’m a Scharffen Berger convert

By Mir
December 29, 2010

Recently my friend Chris over at The Peche hooked up with the nice people at Scharffen Berger and a bunch of folks were supposed to get coupons for money off chocolate, which of course would’ve been swell. Instead, though, the Scharffen Berger folks sent out a bunch of actual chocolate, because they are nice. And I’d been hearing from all over the place about how this is the best chocolate, and totally worth $5/bar (the regular price).

You know how I feel about chocolate. I was not convinced I’d find anything worth $5/bar, though.

But I got my box from them and I’ve gotta say, it was… pretty stupendous. I began to understand the fuss. Not that my wallet (not to mention my hips…) are going to support regular purchase of chocolate at that price point, but… yeah. I get it now.

But check out Amazon: Right now you can get a 24-pack of Scharffen Berger Nibby Dark, Extra Dark, or Semisweet bars for under $20 each. That’s less than a buck a bar! I don’t know if this is a price mistake or what, but at this price point, I’m darn near powerless.



  1. Welcome to the dark (chocolate) side. Isn’t it just great chocolate? And a fantastic deal you found. Thanks, Mir!

  2. Dark chocolate is good for you…so I bought for medicinal purposes…yeah, that’s the ticket! Thanks!!

  3. I am newly pregnant and starving for chocolate.

    This post couldnt have come at a better time.

    Thanks Mir!

  4. Wow, that price is INCREDIBLE. This is my sister-in-law’s top-favorite chocolate so I’ve bought it for her a number of times, and HOLY CRAP WHAT IS WITH THIS PRICE?? No, I’m not asking, I’m just ORDERING.

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