New Year’s Resolution cereal

By Mir
January 3, 2011

Let me be perfectly clear, here: I never ate Grape-Nuts even when I could still eat wheat, because I prefer food to 1) taste like food and 2) not break my teeth. I am not a fan.

But. I am a big fan of my husband’s, and he is weird, the kind of weird that loves Grape-Nuts. I don’t understand it. But I buy it for him because I love him. He calls it “energy pellets.” I call it “overpriced gravel.”

Also, I hear a lot of people resolve to eat healthy in the new year and force themselves to enjoy eating gravel for breakfast. I don’t judge.

Anyway, right now Amazon has 4 24-ounce boxed of Grape-Nuts for just $7.39 shipped when you buy via Subscribe & Save. It’s a great way to stock up, particularly if buying it for your spouse at the grocery store makes you shudder involuntarily….


  1. I do not understand your aversion to Grape-Nuts. They are delicious, nutritious and an excellent way to check up on the quality of your dental crowns.

    Mix with a little yogurt and you have a nice cold porridge. Mix with a little milk and nuke it and you have a nice oatmealishly type thing.

    Or just dump some milk on them and crunch away.


  2. Wow. This stuff is expensive around here – this is like getting two boxes free!

  3. I just had a bowl of Grape Nuts this morning with vanilla soy milk. Delicious!

    P.S. Thank you for all of the wonderful deals in 2010 and best wishes for a pretty 2011.

  4. My husband calls cereal like Grape-Nuts “Nuts and Twigs.” I do love my Nuts and Twigs in the morning.

  5. My toddlers love Grape Nut “crunchies” mixed into their yogurt plus if I over-milk their oatmeal I add GN in order to make it less soupy….I mead a bowl of fiber with an extra dash of fiber never hurt anyone right?

  6. My husband loves Grape Nuts, too. Boys are weird. The product description does say, “Highly Indexed to Men”, so there you go. BUT, the deal is gone 🙁 Darn, that was a great price.

  7. The problem is that you were eating them wrong.

    Grape Nuts are a *hot* cereal. Cooked with lots of milk and brown sugar, they are more yummy and delicious than oatmeal. Add an eensy weensy bit of butter to the mix and you have ambrosia.

  8. When I was about 5, I tasted the cat chow. A few weeks later, I tasted Grape Nuts. They are REMARKABLY similar in both flavor and texture.

  9. If one must eat high fiber (nuts and twigs), 2 heaping T. of vanilla yogurt, half a banana, 1/4 cup pom juice, 1/4 cup orange juice, and an ice cube, all blended up and poured over the cereal will do wonderful things for the taste buds in the A.M.

  10. I have to side with Otto and Liza– they are great as a hot cereal, but they definitely put your dental work to the test if you eat them as a cold cereal.

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