A savings gamble maybe worth taking

By Mir
January 11, 2011
Category Hot Hot Hot!

This is perhaps not as sexy as a shoe deal, but… well, it’s arguably more useful.

So, apparently Amazon is listing this triple-quilted Northern bath tissue as a 12-pack, but then in the description it says that it’s a 4-pack of 12-packs—48 rolls altogether. A bit of digging around a few deal discussion bulletin boards turns up confirmation from multiple folks that when ordering this item when it was last in stock, it did indeed turn out to be the full 48 rolls.

The listed price is just $18.18, which is hardly a deal for 12 rolls, but pretty smokin’ for 48. Right now Amazon says it’s out of stock but you can go ahead and order.

So: Price mistake? Listing mistake? I placed an order and took a screen shot of the item page. Either it’s a mistake and it’ll get canceled before it ships, or it’s a mistake and they’ll ship me one 12-pack and I’ll argue that’s not what the description promised. It’s a risk, but I’m in a gambling mood.


  1. I tried it, too – thanks for that!

  2. Ooooh – I’m tempted to take that risk too…dang it…

  3. I took the gamble and when it went to check-out deducted an additional $9.39. If 48 rolls eventually come that’s .17 per roll!!! woo-hoo

  4. It definitely says:

    Product Features

    * Pack of four, 12-counts per bag (total of 48 counts)

    So yup, went for it! And with the free Prime 2 day shipping, when it comes it stock, it’ll be here fast! 🙂

  5. I ordered it too.

    ……so if they send me 1 pack of 12 you’ll send me the other 3?

  6. Sorry, Bob, I’m not in the TP business. 😉 My guess is that there will be partial refunds if it turns out to be just the one pack. Take a screen shot!

  7. I just paid $13 for a 12pk at BJs… I’m willing to try this now too… who could ever have too much TP! 😛

  8. I went for it too – what a great price (if it works out to be 48 rolls)!!!

  9. I ordered a belt for hubby so I didn’t have to pay shipping! And I have the screen shot. Thanks for the great find.

  10. Bwahahaha…must’ve had a run on it. Out of stock at 1:12 pm.

  11. TP is one of the thing I hate shopping for the most at the store. Mostly because I wait until the last minute and it’s never on sale. But I have been catching crazy deals on toilet paper lately on Amazon. Thanks for the heads up on this deal. I am well stocked up now. My husband tends to freak out if he thinks we are getting low on TP, so one less thing to stress him out. Not sure why, maybe a traumatic childhood experience? Ha ha

  12. I honestly would have never ever thought to order tp online…

  13. I sure hope they won’t expect us to ship the TP back for a refund if we are all wrong!

  14. I took the gamble, I hope it pays off. I also learned how to take a screenshot due to this post, thanks!

  15. Living in Las Vegas, I had to take the chance. I hope it works for the 48 rolls. I took a screen shot, but please keep us informed of how it is working out for you and your readers.

  16. Mine has a shipping update – still way off but a delivery date of February 28, 2011 – March 2, 2011 – crossing my fingers that it will be 48 rolls!!

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