Food-saving, frugal-style

By Mir
January 11, 2011

Part of me wants one of those fancy Foodsaver thingies. But most of me would never pay what they cost. Still, is there any sadness greater than something you pull out of the freezer only to discover that it’s completely freezer burned? I say no.

Right now Amazon has the Ziploc Vacuum Starter Kit—which is sort of like the Foodsaver’s punky little brother—available for just $2.71 when you purchase it via Subscribe & Save (which, remember, also gives you free shipping). (It’s out of stock but you can order; they’re expected to be in in a few days.) The gallon refill bags are currently out of stock, but will also be available on Subscribe & Save when they’re available again. (Edited to add: Looks like you can still order the quart bags from Amazon—look in the “More Buying Choices” column. No S&S, though.)

And no, I don’t think this is as good as a Foodsaver, but for a few bucks, I’m certainly willing to try it out!


  1. I have one, and I love it – but I can’t find the bags anymore locally. 🙁

  2. I still maintain that the “suck the air out of the regular zipper bag with a straw” method is just as good. Based on absolutely no scientific or even un-scientific comparison tests, just general stubborness and cheapery.

  3. I’d say invest in the foodsaver. It saves me a ton! of money.

  4. I bought 2 sets was a bogo. Its ok enouph but doesnt keep the air out. I have the plunger thingy on a shelf collect cobwebs.

  5. I have both and it is ok in a pinch, but not as good as the foodsaver.

  6. I use the Ziploc Vacuum bags because I can’t quite bring myself to buy a Foodsaver. The vacuum bags don’t work quite as well, but they work well enough for me. I use them for veggies, mainly, but occasionally for meat. I have one full of cherry tomatoes that are just waiting for a crock pot stew.

  7. My husband is a fishing guide so he brings home a lot of fresh fish during the year. If you have food you really want to save, a Food saver is totally worth it. But I also use plastic containers just filled full a lot too.

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