Happy 1/11/11!

By Mir
January 11, 2011

It’s a very special day, you know. One with… uhhh… lots of ones. Yes. (Gimme a break; we’re iced in and running low on coffee. Send help. And cookies.)

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, The Limited is offering shipping for just… eleven cents, today only. That’s pretty sweet, but let’s make it even better: You can also use coupon code 476 for an additional 25% off your order regularly-priced items, too.

Altogether, that’s not a bad way to celebrate a bunch of ones on the calendar.


  1. Hmmm…the 11 cents thing shows up. The 25% code registers as 0.00 off. I’m no mathhead, but that seems odd. Then again, it’s also odd that I found things at the limited on sale and in my size and in nice colors, so, what can I say?

    hope all is well.
    –leslie in birmingham (y’all got snow and ice?)

  2. I think the 25% code only works for regular priced items. I had a couple in my cart and the code worked. I took those out and the amount zeroed out, like yours.

  3. Ah, my mistake in not realizing it didn’t work on sale items. Will update the post. Thanks, ladies! (And Leslie, yes, we’re iced in!)

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