Is it Friday? Who are you?

By Mir
January 14, 2011

I think it’s Friday. But we are all still trapped in the house, so my grip on polite conversation is fading fast. Would anyone like… a couple of children? They are mostly feral at this point, but they’re still pretty cute.


Anyway! Let’s check out the Amazon Friday Sale! As always, if you need K-cups, today’s the day to get ’em.

I use this Sambazon organic acai powder in smoothies, sometimes (particularly when I’m strapped for fruit). A little goes a long way, and it’s currently $8.50 delivered after Subscribe & Save, which isn’t bad at all.

Speaking of smoothies, you know how I have totally joined the Cult of Chia (and why not—it’s a mighty nutritional punch in a few tiny seeds!), so if you’re a little squeamish about straight chia, check out the Salba Smart in the Friday Sale; it’s about $12 delivered when you buy via Subscribe & Save, and it’s the kind that’s pale (kind of looks like sesame seeds). If original (black) chia doesn’t offend you, a better deal is the Navitas Naturals Chia, which is a full pound for about $9.50 shipped on Subscribe & Save. (What to do with chia? Everything! I put it in smoothies, but I also throw it in baked goods, on salads, etc.)

Today’s Gold Box holds black diamond studs. I honestly have no idea if that’s a good price, I just think they’re very shiny.

And don’t forget, through January there’s still a full 1,000 MP3 album downloads for just $5 apiece available. It’s a great way to bulk up your music collection on the cheap.

Okay. Elsewhere! Take 50% off already-reduced sale items and get free shipping at Levis with coupon code EXTRA50. It’s a great time to stock up on jeans!

Starting today you can also take an additional 40% off clearance at Aeropostale with coupon code CLEAR40. (This one doesn’t work at P.S., though, so it’s just for grownups.)

The Target Daily Deals are sporting a whole bunch of boots, among other things, though if you can’t find the ones you want there, there’s always!

Have a wonderful Friday. And please send booze happy thoughts. With God as my witness, there will be school on Monday (ack! holiday!) Tuesday.


  1. Mir- I feel your pain, I have no idea what day it is due to the fact that Christmas break completely messed me up. Thank goodness for a very nice set of deals courtesy of Pretty-In-Ice you. And I’m drinking a chia-laden smoothie right now and I need another deal on chia seeds, too. Kid tip: my dad always told us to go shovel the snow off the lawn into the street- maybe that will keep them busy for a while?

  2. Oh, Mir, I feel your pain with the kids home all week. I know it begins to wear on one around the middle of day 3…. Even someone who works from home can start to get a little stir crazy under such conditions, never mind having the family invading your space on a seemingly never-ending time frame.

    Here’s hoping the roads will be clear by Monday. From a fellow upstate New Yorker who’s had a snow day this week, as well, albeit only one.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Oh, weather and school closings! I remember the days when my kids were young and I, as the neighborhood teacher, ended up with a houseload of schoolkids every snow day.

    Now I can look back and pretend it was fun. Well, actually, they kept each other busy nicely. I only had to cook lunch.

  4. I absolutely love I called them today to ask if I could return a pair of slippers I bought in *September*, because when I gave them to my friend for her 1/11 birthday, they didn’t fit.

    That’s *slightly* out of their 30-day return policy, but they made an exception. Yay!

    Great prices, great merchandise, great customer service. You just can’t do better than that.

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