Breakfast is back, baby

By Mir
January 22, 2011

Did you miss this deal earlier this week? It’s back in stock—Amazon has a 6-pack of Cinnamon Life cereal for just $9.67 shipped when you buy via Subscribe & Save.

I generally buy organic cereals, but this is one non-organic I regularly cave on for my kids. No high fructose corn syrup, and also one I remember very fondly from my youth. (Of course, when I tell my kids that Mikey likes it, they say, “Who’s Mikey??”)


  1. if only they didn’t put artificial dyes in it…

  2. Just sent a pack of these to my Auburn freshman. . . he loves this stuff! What a quick and easy way to let him know that I’m thinking of him. Thanks for the deal.

  3. Quick question for Mir or commenters, how does the subscribe and save work? MUST you continue to receive shipments of cereal or can it be a one time purchase?

  4. It can be a one-time purchase, Em. Just cancel your subscription after your order ships (click on Your Account, then Manage Subscribe & Save Items).

  5. Thank you, Selena!

  6. came over here this morning looking for cereal deals! but i am a day late and a dollar short, THANKS for always posting all the deals, hope your “baby” recovers quickly!

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