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By Mir
January 31, 2011

Barnes and Noble has a few smokin’ deals on cookbook sets right now. Round out your home library, or look like a big spender by giving one of these as a gift. (Careful, though—nothing says, “Your cooking stinks” quite like the gift of a cookbook if you’re not positive the recipient will enjoy it!)

Choose from the following; shipping is automatically free on orders of $25 or more:
The How To Cook Everything Gift Set by Mark Bittman is down to just $17.98 (from $70).
The Mastering the Art of French Cooking Deluxe Set by Julia Child is down to just $22.48 (from $100) (this is a great gift for any Julie and Julia fan).
And the Taste of Mario Box Set by Mario Batali is down to $17.98 from $70, too.

I love all things Mark Bittman, which means that at this price I may believe his set should replace my standard “You’re leaving home, here’s a copy of The Joy of Cooking!” gift.


  1. Bittman’s cookbook is THE best general purpose cookbook out there. Seriously, 95% of recipes are just awesome. (I don’t like his cranberry sauce. At all. The pecan pie, on the other hand, is beyond incredible. Just don’t overcook it.)

  2. Hooolllleeeyy crap. Those are some amazing prices. I ordered 2 of each – one for me, one of each for the gift closest. The How To Cook Everything Gift Set would be an amazing college graduation or wedding gift.

    As always: Thanks, Mir!

  3. Ack! I got that Bittman set before Christmas (LOVE Mark Bittman) for 50% off, and thought I was getting an incredible deal. (And, really, I was.) But this is a SUPERAMAZING deal!

  4. Mark Bittman is a god.

  5. OMG OMG OMG I have been craving that Bittman set for years, but never able to justify the price. Thank you!

  6. Oh, thank you–just bought the Bittman set. I have a paperback copy of How to Cook Everything that is tattered, stained, and unwieldy. Now I can get rid of it! I’ll have to try the pecan pie recipe. The ones I go back to him for most often are cream scones (easily adapted for shortcake, too) and a ham and navy bean soup that we make every few weeks in winter.

  7. I knocked out 3 birthday gifts with Bittman sets! Thanks!

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