Go jump in a mud puddle

By Mir
February 1, 2011

Today’s Target Daily Deals are chock-full of rain gear: Boots and two jacket choices for the ladies, and jackets for the kids.

The rainboots get very mixed reviews, but I finally stopped wavering and bought a couple pairs a few months ago. I’m not saying the negative reviewers were wrong, I’m just saying that my daughter and I have enjoyed our boots immensely and haven’t had any problems. They’re cute, they’re waterproof, they seem to be holding up to normal wear just fine. For $15 shipped, I’m certainly not complaining.


  1. Mir,
    I have been coveting these boots for a LONG time. I think I will hop on this deal, but I am wondering if you found them to run true to size or if I should buy a bigger or smaller size. Thanks for any info!

  2. I’d go true-to-size. We sized down and the fit is just a wee bit snug. (I often steal my daughter’s, which are a size bigger than mine.)

  3. I’m tired of wet feet. Also tired of snow and slush and it’s only Feb 1. Lots more to come here in Northern NJ today and tomorrow. Going for the simple black plaid, due to my advanced age. But sort of want the purple flowers to embrass my teen boys.

  4. I got the pastel flowers. Thanks for the tip, Mir! I can’t wait to get these.

  5. Waited for my college daughter to get back to me with which style and missed out. All styles out of stock… Oh well, next time!

  6. Thank you, thank you! Both kids needed new raincoats, and they actually had them in the right sizes!

  7. Thank you! I’ve been looking for awhile, and I now have a pair of adorable purple-polka dot rainboots headed my way.

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