It’s Bean backpack time

By Mir
February 15, 2011

Longtime Want Not readers know that I love backpacks that come with a fuss-free unconditional guarantee, which is why I only buy them from either Lands’ End or LL Bean these days.

Alert (and pretty!) reader Katie wrote in to let me know that while she was getting a replacement from Bean—no questions asked!—on a backpack with a broken zipper, she’d noticed a particularly good deal on their deluxe book pack. And actually, right now they have over a dozen backpack markdowns for your perusal.

Use coupon code 3026438 for free shipping on any order.

(Thanks again, Katie!)


  1. I have a Land’s End backpack that looks like it has been through a war after a little over a year. I purchased it because of the great guarantee, but I feel a little bad sending it back. How long do you expect a backpack to last?

  2. Bean supposedly guarantees for life but I, personally, feel like five years of heavy use is reasonable. But they will seriously replace anything. I love them.

  3. OMG. What have their done to the beautiful critter packs and lunchboxes? Crappy print, rather than the embroidery? I think I’m going to cry.

  4. Ooh – this one is seriously tempting…

  5. Thanks so much. Today is the last day to redeem the gift cards they were offering as promotions before Christmas. I hadn’t been sure enough about anything to pay shipping – now it was $10 off (my gift card) plus free shipping!

  6. Momsy,
    Our L.E. backback is on it’s second year of look and looks, seriously, as good as new. (And my son’s in 1st grade, so you know how hard a 5 and 6 year old can be on a backpack!) I would take it back without a bit of guilt!

  7. My daughter is in 7th grade and is on her 2nd backpack from LL Bean. The first one we bought in 2rd grade. The top loop broke, and LL Bean cheerfully replaced it almost 3 years later. All I needed to do was give them my order number from way back when (which I had saved in my e-mail). The one she has now is that plaid pink one and if is still going strong!

  8. Free shipping, excellent! I was just about to place an order. You rock.

  9. I scooped this one up. By 12 year old’s backpack just blew out again. No more cheapies for me. THanks fo rthe free shipping!!

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