By Mir
February 16, 2011

I love the peanut butter deals; perfect for stocking your pantry and having a few jars to donate (food pantries always need peanut butter).

Skippy’s on special at Amazon—at last check you could get 6-packs of Regular Creamy, Reduced Fat Creamy, or Reduced Fat Super Chunk each for about $8-$9 shipped when you use coupon code UNILVR77 (15% off) combined with Subscribe & Save (15% off and free shipping).

Nowt I’m totally craving a PB&J.


  1. $1.50 per jar is a nice price. And considering that my children would happily eat nothing but peanut butter on a spoon (Josie) or PB&J roll-ups (Noah), I am in! Thanks for the tip.

    (Sadly, my subscribe-and-save to their other addiction, crappy gluten-free fruit snacks with extra HFCS, has been canceled by Amazon. In another week or so, I will be reduced to buying fruit snacks for $2/box at the grocery store. What is a mom to do?)

  2. How do you combine subscribe and save with a discount code? When I subscribe–I never get the chance to enter a code? I want my additional 15% discount. My name is Gloria and I am a bargain shopper.

  3. I opted for the two mega containers. 128 for $12. Slightly cheaper and the discounts work (S&S & promo). Thanks Mir! My kids have sadly received my genetic disposition to want to eat peanut butter on anything–so this is a very good thing! 🙂

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