For anyone who missed the last TP deal

By Mir
February 24, 2011
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I, personally, now have enough toilet paper to last us the rest of the year; I know quite a few of you hopped on that last deal and can say the same. But if you have a toilet-paper-sized hole in your life (wait, that sounds wrong…), this deal may be for you.

Amazon currently has a 10-pack of Charmin Ultra Strong 4-Count Big Rolls—that’s 40 rolls in all—available for $26.34. You should see a “Clip this coupon” button underneath the item description to save another quarter (I know, I know, but every little bit helps), and then if you buy via Subscribe & Save it comes out to just over $22 shipped. That’s about $.55/roll for these premium double rolls, plus the assurance that you won’t be running out any time soon.

For a bargain like this, I can almost forgive Charmin for those terrible cartoon bears. (Not quite, but almost.)


  1. For those with access to Sams club the 80 or so roll equivalent runs about $18.

  2. Thanks for the comparison, Angela. As always, it’s up to folks to figure out what deals work best for them, and of course if you have access/time/motivation that might be a better option. For those of us who 1) live in the sticks and don’t have warehouse clubs and 2) are lazy, the Amazon deal might be a better choice. 😀

  3. Looks like I already missed it! 🙁

  4. check back, i just got it,
    thanks for hte coupon pointer, i would have missed it!

  5. I don’t do Sam’s Club or Costco so this is definitely a good deal. And ridiculous as I seem to myself, Charmin is definitely one of my favorite TP’s! Please tell me I’m not the only person in the world who prefers one brand over another.

  6. I didn’t see that price automatically – I had to check the ‘other sellers’ column on the right side of the page. Then I got the lower price. But no coupon.

  7. tried earlier and that price wasn’t there…now it’s there, and has the coupon, but it’s not available for subscribe and save and isn’t shipping for a few weeks.

  8. I HATE THOSE BEARS. They are not right. I never bought Charmin very often before, but those bears have made me avoid it like the plague lately. I may relent for this deal, though. I have a price. And that price is cheap toilet paper.

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