The secret to child labor

By Mir
February 24, 2011

You know the old adage about how kids always want to help with chores right up until they’re finally old enough to do a good job? I’ve yet to master making dishes seem appealing, but I’m here to tell you that there’s an easy way to get kids to love dusting: Swiffers. Yes, Swiffer! I don’t know what’s so darn exciting about it, but I do know that 1) those fluffy duster thingies (yes, that’s the technical term) are foolproof and 2) my children will actually argue over who gets to dust.

I can only conclude that Swiffers contain both dirt-attracting properties and invisible sugar. I have no other explanation.

Today (February 24th, 2011) only, shop Swiffer products at and use coupon code SWIFFERFEB to save 50%, up to a total discount of $10.

They recently raised the threshold for free 2-day shipping to $39, but I’m still not having any trouble reaching that, personally.

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  1. Swiffers are the best for dusting. I convinced my 6 year old son that the Mr Clean Magic Erasers really *are* magic, but that he has to use his superpowers to make it work. He puts on his cape and everything. (OK, so maybe “convinced” is a little too strong a word. Point is, he loves to get the scuff marks/crayon/pencil/goo off the walls with them.)

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