My world has been rocked!

By Mir
March 4, 2011

I went to check the Amazon Friday Sale this morning and its… gone. My life Friday no longer has meaning. Woe is me!

Thank goodness I have a breakfast over at my kids school to get to, to ease my pain and give me the time to make sense of this new world with a Friday-Sale-sized hole in it. [Edited to add: At 8:50 a.m. Eastern, it appears to be back! Huzzah!]

In the meantime, have you checked out Eversave lately? Today (check the deal for Atlanta if that’s not your local city) you can spend $20 to get a box of pre-owned kids clothes from thredUP, plus youll get a years pro membership for free. Its a $46 value, but more importantly, its a whole new way to recycle your kids clothes and outfit them in someone elses hand-me-downs. Its cheap, its green, and (perhaps best of all) there are no eBay weirdos insisting that they have to wire you an extra $2000 and you should just refund them the overage. Check it out.

Back after the festivities with some more deals….


  1. I feel like life has little meaning without the Friday Sale. It was my weekly tradition with you. I’m lost…

  2. Could it be that they finally sold out of coffee and tea? LOL! I do have to admit that I will miss the Friday Sale.

  3. I looked the ThredUp link up on Eversave and it says it expired yesterday! : ) Are you seeing a different link than the one I found?

  4. Woe is me! Even though the Amazon Friday Sale has been the lamest of lame for months now, I am sad that its gone. There was always the hope that next week was going to be a good sale. Now even that hope is gone. (Insert dramatic sigh)

  5. Is the Friday Sale really gone?!?! Can it just be on vacation?! Where am I going to go for the great deals on my k-cups and coconut water?! Hope someone in Amazon just forgot to hit some button…!!

  6. The links are not showing up for me. Your first paragraph looks like this in Google, Chrome, Safari, and Vienna:

    I went to check the a href= title=This is an affiliate link; shopping through it makes me a little money and makes you even prettier than you already are. target=_blankAmazon Friday Sale/a this morning and itsÒ€¦ gone. My slife/s Friday no longer has meaning. iWoe is me!/i

    Help me — I really want to shop through your links! πŸ™‚

  7. Things don’t look normal with this post Mir. What happened….a gltich, I think?

  8. I have Karen’s view in Firefox, too.

  9. Whoa… sorry, folks—I updated this from my phone while I was out, and my WordPress app “helpfully” deleted all the formatting for me. Um. Fail. Fixed now; so sorry!

  10. Thanks! Woo Hoo! Ellery Queen’s mysteries on the Gold Box deal! A show geared toward intelligent people — no wonder it only lasted one season.

  11. And now Amazon is having problems, so I can’t place the order. πŸ™

  12. I ran into the same thing on the Eversave deal, my closest city shows as Worcester which has some sort of nuts deal. I found the Thread Up deal on Atlanta’s page and the deal expires on the 7th.

  13. Friday sale is back, check again πŸ™‚

  14. Much better.

    How much of a nerd does it make me that I was totally able to read the other version and I did not even notice something was wrong with it until someone else commented about it.

    (Also, you still have s life /s instead of life)

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