Gummy yummies

By Mir
March 7, 2011

I myself would never risk my teeth on chewy, delicious, sugary candy (don’t mind my crossed fingers behind my back, there), but if gummies are your thing, check out the current Amazon special on Haribo treats. By combining Subscribe & Save (15% off and free shipping) with coupon code HARIBOII for another 10% off, you’ll get 25% off the already-reduced prices on things like gummy bears, gummy fruits, gummy fish!

Ohhhhhhh. I need to stop looking.


  1. Oh man, gummy bears are my favorite candy.

  2. Haribo is my husband’s favorite!!! Guess I know what will be in his Easter basket this year. Thank you!

  3. Oh, I am doomed.

  4. I’m pregnant and currently obsessed with gummy candy. I really want to order that 5 lb bag o’ gummy bears, but given my current lack of self-control I’d probably eat it in a few days and my OB would probably not be happy with the resulting weight gain and sugar coma. But I’m still really tempted.

  5. Gummy grapefruit is the best. My MIL bought me the 5 lb bag at Christmas one year, and I repackaged it and ate on it for a year. $11 for the bag is a great price. Candy stores have it for like $12 a lb. Makes me happy!

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