The Want Not Review (and giveaway): Cuisinart ICE-30BC ice cream maker

By Mir
March 14, 2011

Today I am thrilled to bring you a review of the Cuisinart ICE-30BC 2-Qt Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream Maker courtesy of Abe’s of Maine and As a DealPro I was offered the opportunity to both receive an ice cream maker for my own use and to offer one to all of you as a giveaway. Per FTC Guidelines, I always disclose when I’m reviewing product I received for free, but per Mir guidelines, I will never share anything other than my honest opinion and experiences with said product. Pinky swear. And if you read to the end, there’s a chance for you to win one!

Some people look a gift horse in the mouth. Me, I try to give the gift horse back. When I was offered the chance to get my hands on two of these ice cream makers, I said, “Oh, but I already have an ice cream maker. I just want one to give away.” See, I already own the Cuisinart ICE-20, an earlier and less fancy version of this machine. But The Powers That Be insisted that they wanted my opinion on this machine, so I agreed to test it out anyway, even though I thought it was sort of dumb because I already love the machine I have.

Well. Let’s just say I’m glad they insisted.

First, let me tell you about what’s the same between the ICE-20 and the ICE-30BC. Both machines feature a removable chill bowl that gets placed in the freezer overnight or—if you’re like us—just lives in the freezer so that you can just declare it a good time for ice cream whenever and pull it out and use it immediately. I think most modern electric ice cream makers have a chill bowl like that, now, but if you’re still using something that requires you to add ice and salt, consider upgrading, because it makes everything very easy.

Another nice feature of the Cuisinart machines is that the dasher (that’s the paddle-thingie) is absolutely fool-proof. I tell you this because I used to own a Krups ice cream maker in which I—not tooting my own horn, here, just saying that I hold a post-graduate degree from a pretty fine institution of learning, and therefore I don’t really consider myself a fool—regularly managed to misalign the dasher. Don’t ask me how I did it, but I had a lot of trouble getting it placed correctly so that it would work. In both Cuisinart machines I’ve tried the design is the same, and that design is “the dasher cannot be placed into the bowl incorrectly.” I mean, I guess you could put it in upside down, but short of that, it’s fool-proof.

And finally, both machines are powerful (my sensory-sensitive son is not a fan of the steady growl of the motor as it churns) and have a nice big opening at the top through which to pour ingredients. They’re both very user-friendly.

Now. What does the ICE-30BC offer that my old maker doesn’t? I set out to find out, and even though I generally consider the Ben & Jerry’s Cookbook my “ice cream bible,” I had a hankering to try something else. I’m kind of on a ginger kick, so I decided to try this ginger ice cream recipe. It had a lot of steps, and involved things like tempering eggs, so it means I really love ginger you that I decided to try it. Ahem.

I set up the new machine on my counter and yes, I’m shallow, but the brushed chrome and squared-off design just look a lot prettier than my old white machine. (It goes with my blender and my mixer! Shiny!) Also, the ICE-30BC has a little self-storage well you can tuck the cord up into when the machine isn’t in use, and while I’m certainly not going to base a purchase decision on a tiny little detail like that, it’s just a nice thing to have, particularly if you (like me) have a giant cabinet where the small electrics live and you don’t want to be detangling cords every time you get one out.

Also, the new machine is mostly metal, with the bowl sitting down inside of it and a plastic lid on top, whereas with the ICE-20, the bowl basically sits on a base and is completely encapsulated with a large plastic cylindrical dome. To Cuisinart’s credit, even in my messy cabinet, the cover never ended up cracked, but I always kind of worried about it. The ICE-30BC just feels sturdier and there’s less plastic to worry about.

So how did my ice cream come out? Just like my other machine, the new one made creamy ice cream in under half an hour. Yum. And as I sat there waiting for it (and maybe sneaking a taste or two while it churned; I am admitting to nothing) and reading the product manuals, I realized I’d made the wrong ice cream. See, the Cuisinart ICE-20 has only a 1.5 quart capacity. The ICE-30BC can hold 2 quarts. For my ginger ice cream—less that a quart yield—it didn’t matter. But most of the recipes in the Ben & Jerry’s cookbook yield 1.5 quarts. Which means that if someone decided that hey, Cherry Garcia would be even better with more cherries, you end up with a Cherry Garciasplosion as your faithful ice cream maker churns it up and out of the machine. (Uh, not that I’ve ever done that, of course….)

Also, I just realized I have no pictures for you. Possibly because I was making ice cream while folding laundry and playing with the dog. I mean, not all at once, but inbetween each ice cream step I folded some stuff, threw the ball, etc. Sorry about that.

Bottom line: I doubt I would’ve upgraded on my own, given that my old machine works fine, but I’m pleased as punch with my pretty replacement, particularly because it has a larger capacity. If you were looking for an ice cream maker, you could do a lot worse than the Cuisinart ICE-30BC, I’m thinking. It’s foolproof, it’s slick-looking, and it has a bigger bowl than most other models. Perfect.

Speaking of which… how would you like to win one? Abe’s of Maine is going to send a Cuisinart ICE-30BC to one lucky Want Not reader! Want to win it? Of course you do! First go review the contest rules and regulations, the come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, March 17th, 2011 for a chance to win. I’ll choose the lucky winner via random number generation and ability to name all 31 flavors. (Kidding about that last part. Please don’t. Especially seeing as how one of my kids is currently memorizing Pi to 100 places and I have to listen to that all day long….)

Ready? Go!


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  257. Ben and Jerry DID write the ice cream bible. It’s my favorite ‘cookbook.’ Thanks for the chance to win something cool to go with my B&J’s book.

  258. Yes, please!

  259. Yay for Pi Day! And ice cream! Oooh, ice cream with Pi day! Yay! (I may have had too much caffeine in the past little bit. Please excuse the exuberance.)

    Can you believe that while I’ve celebrated Pi Day for many years now, I just today linked it with the fact that today is also my parents’ anniversary? I don’t know why those things never clicked in my mind, but my parents have a Pi anniversary.

    Okay, ummmm…now for less caffeine during the day…

  260. yum. I’m in

  261. oh we are so an ice cream loving family over here!!

  262. My entire family and I would be thrilled to win this! I love, love, love, love, love ice cream. mmmmmmm

  263. We use our ice cream maker all the time in the summer and it would be SO nice to have a larger one!

  264. Boy would this be great! Maybe I can finally live down the day I left the ice cream maker on top of the toaster and warped the base.

  265. I’ve had trouble with paddle placement in our Krups too.

  266. Oh, wow! This would be awesome for family beach week.

  267. Making my own cookie dough or cookies n’ cream ice cream would be AWESOME!!!

  268. wow the prizes get better and better… hope i get one!

  269. I LOVE ice cream. (And would be more than willing to take even your OLD one off your hands. I know, so nice of me. That’s just the kind of ice cream lover I am.)

  270. Looks wonderful!

  271. Fun! Ice cream making was going to be my summertime hobby this year!

  272. Fun in a machine! Love it!

  273. I was just trying to talk my husband into one of these! Awesome!

  274. I’d love to try making ice cream at home! I’d be my son’s hero!

  275. Oooh!! I would love to win! And I know pi to 5 places! Does that make me special? No? Bummer.

  276. Oh! Please pick me I love ice cream!

  277. Ooooh. My baby is now starting to eat solid food! This would be perfect for this summer and I can make her healthy ice cream! Pick meeeee! xoxo

  278. My turn I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!

  279. Well happy pi day to you and maybe ice cream day to me?!?

  280. Oh my family would love you if you picked me!

  281. Please?

  282. I need this. Plus it will make a great birthday present.

  283. I love love love icecream. And I know summer will be around again some day. soon I hope.

  284. You belong with me, ice cream maker.

  285. The kids love ice cream. thanks for offering.

  286. Pick me please!

  287. Yes please! Pretty please!

  288. Shiny! I’m in! (Have you ever made basil ice cream? It’s better and less weird than you would think….)

  289. I haven’t had an ice cream maker since I was a kid and my family would occasionally bust it out on hot days. It required ice and salt and I had no idea there was another way. I’d love to be enlightened. ๐Ÿ™‚

  290. Ice cream – YUM!

  291. I’m thinking this is a popular contest. We would love to be able to make more ice cream!

  292. Need it!

  293. Ice cream sounds especially good as the weather turns to spring…

  294. I LOVE Ice cream…but if I win I will give this to my sister, for her girls!

  295. Ahhhhh, ice cream….. I’d love it! Thanks!

  296. Now I’m drooling! I would love to make my own ice cream. Yum!

  297. I would love to win this and make vegan homemade ice cream this summer!

  298. mmmm, ice cream!!! now i have to go find some for myself.

  299. What a great giveaway!

  300. Delicious!

  301. Finally the opportunity to make my own allergy free ice cream!!!

  302. this would be awesome!!!

  303. What a great giveaway!! Would LOVE to win this!

  304. I live in the sweltering, lower Alabama… of course I need ice cream!! Pick me please!!!

  305. Ice cream in Southwest Florida whenever I want it? Heck yeah!

  306. Come on, random number generator! Pick me this time, please!!!

  307. I’m trying to figure out if 2 wrap would satisfy my 9 children, but for free I am willing to try

  308. Sign me up!

  309. OOOOOOOH!!!! YIPPY, my husband loves to make homemade icecream, but hates our current one. Fathers day would be great to give it to him, or maybe easter, I cant wait. pick me but first enter me into the drawing, thank

  310. I’m in! I promise to give my old Cuisinart to a deserving soul if I get to upgrade!

  311. We love ice cream!

  312. I’d love to have one! We had one as a kid but it’s ancient to what is out there now!

  313. I have great memories of making homemade ice cream with my mom when I was a kid. I bought an ice cream maker and it was junk! This one looks wonderful! Please pick me, Mir! :o)

  314. My plastic cover on my off brand maker *did* crack. I need this!

  315. We love ice cream and would make it more often with an ice cream maker like this one. Right now we have the ice cream maker ball – doesn’t make very much. Thanks for the chance!

  316. MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm! Hope I win! Thanks!

  317. I heart ice cream!

  318. yum yum yum

  319. I’d love to upgrade! Thanks for the chance.

  320. I would love this! Pick me!

  321. Just what I need after I realized I ‘accidentally’ put on 7 pounds this winter.

  322. Mmm. Ice cream! Yum.

  323. I feel guilty entering because, like you, I have the cheaper Cuisinart. But you make it sound so irresistable!

  324. Ice cream is my favorite treat – and we don’t have an ice cream maker…fingers crossed!

  325. Our ice cream maker broke last year, this would be a great thing for us to win.

  326. count me in!

  327. I made two batches of ice cream this weekend, with the ice and salt… What i wouldn’t give for one of these babies!

  328. Wow people sure love ice cream. I’ll just take that old one off your hands if I don’t win. Let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’m serious!!)

  329. Oooh! I want one! I keep THINKING about getting an ice cream maker, but so far just the thinking has not actually produced one. We love ice cream, though …

  330. Homemade ice cream is the absolute best dessert! Great review, by the way. I just might have to buy it… that is, if I don’t win it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  331. yummy…

  332. I would love one…:-)

  333. Can’t have dairy at the moment, but soon either the kid will learn to digest it or he’ll be weaned, and I’m really really looking forward to it!

  334. ice cream. on demand. yes please!

  335. i love ice cream! We always made it with a hand crank machine, so this would be awesome.

  336. Awesome, I have a not so great machine and I would love to have a good one!

  337. homemade ice cream? yes, please. ๐Ÿ™‚

  338. I would love to win this ice cream maker, it would get lots and lots of use at my house!!

  339. I’m in!

  340. Yum! I would love an ice cream maker!

  341. I want to win it!

  342. I want one!

  343. Love!! Count me in!

  344. Holy popular contest, Batman!

    I love ice cream soooo much, and adore the idea of being able to make my own at home with none of the stabilzers and crap that store bought ice cream has. Thanks, Mir!

  345. Pie! I mean, ICE CREAM!

    Thanks, Mir!

  346. Wonderful! I have spring fever soooo badly that I keep thinking of making ice cream with fresh strawberries – in June. For now, I’ll stick to chocolate chips. Count me in!

  347. We have one of those ice cream balls, which can get kind of tiring…..this one looks way easier to deal with!

  348. I have the most awesome recipe for Double Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream!

  349. love ice cream

  350. yummy ๐Ÿ™‚

  351. i would love this!!!

  352. it would be perfect for my family that was once all so healthy and now they want ice cream every night…………..go figure.

  353. Thanks, Mir!

  354. Is your kid memorizing that for fun? Or does she have a terribly cruel and unusual teacher?

  355. Who has two thumbs and loves the sweet sweet taste of ice cream?!?!

  356. Yay! We love ice cream!

  357. Ginger ice cream? Yum!

  358. Hoorah for home made ice cream (I grew up with a hand-cranked wooden model).

  359. Mmmmmmmm, ice cream.

  360. This prize would be pure awesomeness!!

  361. I want it!

  362. Mmmmmm ice cream. Just what my pregnant butt doesn’t need.

    Happy Pi day Mir! 3.14159265358979….,


  363. I’d like to add that you can make awesome sorbets for anyone with milk intolerance–and of course that I would totally love to win this!

  364. I’m willing to win. But when the cousin’s come over, I’ll just hide this little baby away and let them earn their homemade ice cream; there’s plenty of arms to crank the thing. No need for the younger generation to lose their roots!

  365. I have been wanting to get an ice cream maker for myself but just never could justify the bucks. What a wonderful present that would be for me as March 17 is MY Birthday!! I could say it was for the kids.. but we all know the truth.

  366. Oooo, I would love this! LOVE IT!

  367. I’d like to try it, too. Now that I’m diabetic and making all my own food, I find I’m inexplicably drawn to ice cream makers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  368. I scream for ice cream!

  369. Ooh, ice cream!

  370. Oh, I would love this!

  371. Me please! We’ve never had an ice cream maker.

  372. I scream, you scream we all scream for ice cream!!

  373. Love homemade ice cream! ๐Ÿ™‚

  374. Yum. My parents have one and the kids (big and small) love it. Thanks.

  375. who doesn’t love ice cream?

  376. Ice cream is yummy. I hope the child memorizing Pi is wearing an awesome shirt!

  377. Oh my gosh…what a GREAT giveaway! My 5-year-old was just asking me if we could learn how to make ice cream. If I don’t win, I think I am going to maybe buy one. Thanks for the really helpful review!

  378. Oh it would make a lovely birthday present for moi. =D

  379. My name is Valerie and I am an ice cream addict.

  380. Oh, I really want to win this and give it to my husband for his birthday. Homemade icecream is his favorite thing in the world (besides me, i think.) so pick me!!!

  381. This looks awesome!!

  382. Pretty, pretty please? ๐Ÿ™‚

  383. I have always wanted an ice cream maker but never spent the money because I figured I’d also probably gain 20 pounds if I had the ability to create ice cream at any moment.

  384. Hope I win!

  385. We would love to own an ice cream maker! Maybe 385 is my lucky number, this week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  386. Ok, I know the RN generator probably won’t pick me being so far down the line, but goodness me I hope it does!

  387. We have an ancient old fashioned ice cream maker that takes forever. Its so easy and fun that we’ve used it exactly once in 16 years. We clearly NEED this! Thanks for the giveaway.

  388. Delicious ice cream! Mmmmmm, please pick me random number generator!

  389. This has been on my wish list at Amazon for MONTHS.

  390. This would be so much fun!!!

  391. Oooooh, I so don’t need to be making ice cream at home since I’m trying to lose weight! Maybe I’ll make the sorbet or sherbert…yeah, right! ๐Ÿ™‚

  392. i LOVE (drip, drip) Ice cream!

  393. Well, considering that we do still make our ice cream with the salt and ice and oh, the cranking, I’m thinking that this might be a fun way to make ice cream. Maybe not as fun as watching the hubbs try to crank the other machine in the middle of summer…but definitely easier for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  394. Mmmmm … ice cream …. made fresh at home …. yes, please! What fun!

  395. Pick me please!

  396. I am so ready for summer and ice cream!

  397. I only remember 5 places, 3.14159 . .

    Mmmm, EVERYONE loves icecream!

  398. Yes, please! I have always wanted one, but never bought one. I would happily clean out a space in the freezer for one. Thanks!

  399. I would love to have an ice cream maker!

  400. Thanks Mir! Just in time for the warmer weather. Of course, ice cream is good anytime of year.

  401. Ooh – me wantey! Of course if I win, I’ll be making ice cream, which I am powerless to say no to. That may sabotage my eat better plan. But… me still wantey

  402. Oh man… I really want this. I have been trying to justify an ice cream maker purchase for a while now. Would be fab to win one! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  403. Nothing can beat the taste of old-fashioned hand-cranked ice cream eaten on my Mam-maw’s porch in the summertime…except for perhaps this ice cream maker that doesn’t require sweating outside in 100-degree weather and then fighting the bees for your bowl of ice cream.
    Sorry, Mam-maw, I do yearn for the good old days sometimes.

  404. this would be awesome!
    great review!

  405. Whooo – that would rock my world!!! Thanks for the chance!

  406. This would be oh so fabulous. My family loves ice cream!

  407. My family would love this!

  408. What fun! It would be awesome to make our own ice cream!!

  409. Yes please! We all love ice cream here and it would be wonderful to just make our own.

  410. Wouldn’t this be a fun Father’s Day gift (yup. thinkin’ ahead)!

  411. Yummm! Ice Cream!!

  412. oh man, I would LOVE this as would my kiddos! and I won’t list all 32 flavors (is it 31 or 32?) but in my head I’m hearing Forrest Gump saying chocolate chip, gold medal ribbon, strawberry…and on and on.

  413. This would be great to have my daughter is a ice cream nut.

  414. Although a traditional method would probably be better for my, ahem, jiggly upper arms, I would love this!

  415. I’ve been wanting to try making more things like this from home- it’d be awesome to win!

  416. Wow, this sounds like a great product!

  417. I’ve never made ice cream – but would love to try!

  418. I just donated my ice cream maker because it was too much work. I would love to give this one a try!

  419. I live in Arizona. Ice cream is practically a necessity for survival here, so I need this gorgeous beauty…plus I have a raging addiction to ice cream (as my thighs would attest to) so could make so many yummy flavors! Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  420. I would love to win that. Good luck 2 me!

  421. I never win anything, but I’ll try anyways…

  422. I have three kids who MUST have ice cream after every dinner, no matter the weather, and this would be perfect!

  423. I would love to give this a try. Having a family of 8 this would work out great and I won’t have to spend so much money on buying ice cream or frozen yogurt.

  424. I MIGHT like to try this at home…:)!

  425. Have big ice cream fans at my house, this would make their hearts happy!

  426. Homemade ice cream is the representation of everything that is whole and good. Cream, sugar, pure flavors. Yup, I want this!

  427. I’m still using the $25 ice and salt version I bought at Big Lots… would LOVE to own this! (My last batch: buttered popcorn ice cream. AMAZING.)

  428. I need an icecream maker–Thanks Mir!

  429. Yes, I am still using the ice & salt version, and would love to win one of these beauties! In Florida, it’s always ice cream time, so we’d get lots of use out of it.

  430. My family would love this!

  431. We all scream for ice cream!

  432. Oh, pretty pretty please pick my number! I lost my ice cream maker in the last move and it was a lesser brand anyway. My son would be so loving this for summer!

  433. Perfect appliance for the lake house this summer!

  434. Looks so pretty….and homemade ice cream sound so good!

  435. As a mom of a little one with dairy, egg and nut allergies, it would be great to make our own safe icecream!

  436. Mmmmm. That ginger ice cream sounds divine!

  437. pick me! pick me!! I always wanted on, but can’t afford it right now.

  438. Yes, please! I have been wanting one of these forever!!

  439. My kids would love this!

  440. Perfect for the summer, I would love to win this.
    Thanks for the chance.

  441. Would love to win!

  442. Me, please!

  443. I must have this!

  444. Totally would love this!

  445. I want to win for my grandson!

  446. yes please!

  447. Perfect for a Georgia summer!

  448. Gotta Gotta have it for my ice cream loving boys! Yum!

  449. I scream, you scream!

  450. Choosing my name won’t give you an ice cream headache – I swear!

  451. I would love to win this! Thanks!

  452. Want one for my ice cream loving kids.

  453. The ginger ice cream sounds delicious. I am a little addicted to the ginger Cats cookies from Trader Joes, and it is merely a side benefit that my children thing they are too spicy. “Oops. I forgot.”

  454. I’d probably totally use this to create any frozen chocolate concoction imaginable. Life hasn’t been the same since Ben & Jerry’s removed Dublin Mudslide from my life.

  455. I want! Would love to try making ginger ice cream…or lavendar-honey a la It’s Complicated.

  456. This would total give me something yummy to do while waiting for my newly planted veggies to grow ๐Ÿ˜€

  457. I scream for ice cream! This would be an awesome win!

  458. I’ve been wanting one of these, so why not put a name down?

  459. Ooh – I could finally make ice cream from almond milk & manage to keep my stomach and my tastebuds happy at the same time! Pick me, pretty please?

  460. Oooh, I wanna make ice cream!

  461. Sounds great!! =)

  462. I’ve never made ice cream! my fingers are crossed!

  463. I want ice cream!!!!

  464. i scream for ice cream!

  465. This would be so freaking amazing to have and use w/ the kids this summer! Oh what fun!

  466. My son would love you forever if I won this.

  467. Oh to never have to nag hubby to go out & buy me ice cream ever again! The possibilities, and the flavor combinations I could make! Pick me oh pretty Mir, please?!

  468. I could use some ice cream right about now.

  469. This would make me the happiest girl in the world!! I super puffy รขโ„ขยฅ ice cream!!!!

  470. I don’t know how I missed this the first time around, but I am oh so glad you posted a reminder, Mir! We could definitely get some good use out of this ๐Ÿ™‚

  471. If I had one of these, my neighbors might like me. I might invite them over for ice cream. They’d stop criticizing me and my dog and my children and discover that there is more to life than keeping tabs on everything your neighbor does. They might discover that life is sweet and worth savoring over a bowl of delicious homemade ice cream.

    Or, I could just make some for my family and we’d eat it in front of our nosy neighbors while making nummy noises and waving the spoons under their nosy noses.

    I guess the only way to know is if the random number generator decides it’s my lucky day…

  472. I scream. You scream. It’s because we’re moms.

  473. I need this for three reasons. 1) I’m getting tennis elbow from the hand crank one. 2) I’ve never needed ice cream more than I need it now. and 3)You’re pretty!

  474. I want to win one we love Ice Cream here and our old maker is on it’s last churn!

  475. I want it!

  476. Ooh, cool! Or should I say, cold? Either way, YES please!

  477. This would be a fabulous addition to our summer!!

  478. I want the shiny new one too!

  479. like I need this…for the kids, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  480. OMG, do you have any idea how expensive sorbet (or decent ice cream) is?
    ICE CREAM!! We’re gonna eat ICE CREAM!

  481. I want icecream on demand.

  482. Yum!

  483. Love your site…………..almost as much as ice cream…………….made at home!

  484. I just started making my own yogurt – I love to freeze it! and so would the kids.

  485. Yum, ice cream! Pick me, pick me!

  486. Mmmmm, love me some homemade ice cream!

  487. Me, Me, Me! Pick Me!

  488. Want it! Want it! Please pick me.

  489. I have been thinking about buying an ice cream maker for a while. It would be even better to win one!

  490. Winning THIS would make all the other contests I entered and lost worth it!!! just sayin…

  491. This is just what I need!

  492. Oh my goodness yes please and thank you.

  493. Ohhhhh, yummmm….please pick me , pick me dear random number picking machine ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  494. I’ve been thinking I really need to put on a little weight this summer. Thanks!

  495. I would love to win an ice cream maker. Thanks for the giveaway.

  496. Ooh! Just in time for summer….

  497. I’d love this!

  498. OMG- owning an ice cream maker will kill my diet, but who cares? I’ll be happier if I eat ice cream!

  499. This would be awesome – my 3 year old would be in heaven!

  500. I would be the best mom ever!

  501. ice. cream.

  502. Yum!

  503. OOooooohhh.. ice cream maker in ARIZONA… Yes, my children are begging you for it!! (not that I am… I would never beg. Well, maybe once)

  504. Hot-Diggety-Dog! Pick me…pick me…oh wise random number generator!

  505. I’ve had my eye on this for a really, really long time. My fingers are crossed! LOL

  506. Ooh, pls pick me!

  507. We had homemade ice cream last summer and I really wanted to get an ice cream maker this summer…. hope this is my chance! Thanks, Mir!!!

  508. I used to have the Cuisinart ICE-20 as well, but had to sell it when I moved back to the States… I miss it much and would love the upgraded ICE-30!

  509. would probably save me a small fortune in ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚

  510. We go thru ice cream like water here so this would be awesome!!!

  511. Have been wanting one of these for a few years now…would love to win!

  512. I’m going to have some ice cream now while I wait to win my new ice cream maker. ๐Ÿ™‚

  513. I really really want this ice cream maker!

  514. I want this VERY much. PLEASE random number generator. PICK MY NUMBER!!

  515. Want. Want!!!! This would be so fab for the all the dairy free ice cream my snuckums wants without the ridiculous price I pay at the store!

  516. ok let’s make it 517

  517. Mmm, homemade butter pecan ice cream.

  518. I’ve never had homemade ice cream! It’s all my hubby ever had growing up, and he says it’s better than anything in the stores.

  519. So yummy! Me , please!

  520. DELICIOUS!!!!

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