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By Mir
March 16, 2011

Hooray! Amazon is finally offering a boxed milk deal that 1) saves you a ton and 2) isn’t being offered in the summer. I swear their favorite trick is to have this special when Georgia is the temperature of the surface of the sun, meaning that I am afraid to have it delivered. (While these boxes are shelf-stable, it’s not recommended that you do things like let them sit on UPS trucks all day when it’s 100+ degrees out.)

So get ’em while the getting’s good: Shop their assortment of Organic Valley Milk boxes right now—already marked way down—and use coupon code VALLEYM4 for an additional 10% off at checkout. It looks like Subscribe & Save (for the additional 15% off and free shipping) is no longer available, but both the regular lowfat and vanilla flavors will still run you just $7.51 for 12 cartons. This stuff costs over a dollar apiece at my local grocery store.

Chocolate is still around regular retail price, of course. But scoop up the savings on the other varieties, well before it’ll boil during delivery.


  1. Thank you! The cheapest I can find at the grocery stores is $1 each. I send one in each child’s lunchbox every day. Have I mentioned how pretty you look this morning?

  2. Michele you look very pretty this morning…

  3. I meant ‘Michele is right’ you look very pretty this morning. But I’m sure you’re lovely too Michele. Oy I’m going back to bed…

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