Shave it, shave it good

By Mir
March 17, 2011

Personally, I’m 1) not a guy and 2) devoted to regular razors for my shaving needs (you’re welcome), but today’s Amazon Gold Box holds a Panasonic Vortex razor that I understand to be the Cadillac of electric razors for the men. Why? Something to do with it being a wet/dry razor with nano technology that cleans itself. I’m not really sure, but at a regular price of around $120, even the nearly-400 stellar reviews were not enough to make me think much about it.

Today, though, it’s just $60 shipped, which is probably less than you’d pay for a much junkier razor. It’s also cheaper than this razor has been all year, so it’s a good day to grab it if you’ve been considering one.


  1. when you put it in your cart, it says “shipping in 1 to 2 months.” Weird.

  2. I just ordered one of these for my son. But I wanted to let everyone know that these things aren’t expected to ship for 1 to 2 MONTHS! Good thing I’m not in a hurry. It’s a great deal, though, so I’ll wait.

  3. I just purchased this and the shipping date said April 1 -April 8. It is a great deal – so we will wait. (and everything we have ever ordered that had a ship date so far out has shipped early)

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