A lotta licorice

By Mir
March 22, 2011

I’m a Twizzlers girl, myself (or I was, before I gave up wheat), but I could probably be convinced to jump ship for this deal: 4 pounds of Red Vines for $6.85 (free Prime shipping, or on your $25+ order with Super Saver Shipping).

That’s less than 3 cents a whip. Yeah, I’ll use math to justify sugar, what of it?

I’m just saying maybe you’re planning on having movie night. For fifty people. Who knows? I don’t judge.


  1. No no no, this twizzlers girl cannot stand red vines, they taste so incredibly different and wrong… but now i’m craving twizzlers.

  2. I like to keep these on my desk at all times; I find my office morale is much higher when I feed my people sweets all day long. 🙂

  3. the only use i have for red vines is as a straw for soda. 🙂

  4. Nah… Twizzlers make mouths happy. No substitutes. 🙂

  5. From the title, I thought you found a doggie treat to overstuff Licorice!

  6. i love red vines. i love twizzlers. it’s like having children. they are nothing alike but you love them equally.

    p.s. why would anyone put gluten in licorice?

    p.p.s for all you wheaties out there i would like to suggest chocolate twizzlers.

    p.p.p,s unless you can’t eat licorice, in that case, look! over there! it’s something shiny! (hides the chocolaty goodness)

  7. Red Vines ain’t no substitute for Twizzler. The former make mouths unhappy.

  8. What I really want to know is when the big Good n’ Plenty sale is.

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