A 100-calorie, 34-cent snack

By Mir
March 24, 2011

Y’all are going to have to buy these in my stead, as I can’t have chocolate-covered pretzels anymore (the gluten thing is actually not much of a problem until I remember how much I used to love chocolate-covered pretzels). But I trust you can do me proud.

Right now Amazon has these 100-calorie Fudge Pretzel Right Bites on Manager’s Special, and even knowing that they’re probably loaded with HFCS and such, I would probably buy them if I could eat them. Heh. Because they’re marked down to $14.22 for six 6-pack boxes, or just $12.09 shipped if you buy via Subscribe & Save. That’s around $2/box (my supermarket sells these for twice that), or about $.34/pouch for a nearly guilt-free indulgent little snack.

That’s chocolate and pretzels in sweet harmony with your wallet, right there.

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  1. ARGH!!! These just arrived and they “may contain traces of nuts” so the kids can’t take them to school. Darn, looks like the hubbo and I will have to eat them. At least they were a good deal!

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